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A 24-Hour Chinese Restaurant Would Be Nice


My throat’s feeling a little rough, Wonton Soup’d be soothing. By the same token does 2:34 a.m. qualify day or night dose Sudafed? I did find that cream of veggie soup in the freezer and began defrosting it…

That said…

Alone today I am going to walk on the wild side and stop by the Chinese restaurant when it does open and let them cook dinner for me. Should be good.





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4 thoughts on “A 24-Hour Chinese Restaurant Would Be Nice

  1. Is that same ick still hangin on? Our Chinese place is open til 1 on the weekends, and I’m sure they’d be happy to have some soup ready, but at 2, it’s easier to just make tea. You poor thing!

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    1. I think it might still be though my throat hadn’t bothered me for a bit, thought it was gone, but I had a very long day Tuesday, which might have brought it to the surface. I was surprised when I felt it being at home Wednesday and it still feels a bit rough even tonight. But here’s what happened today… the restaurant was closed and I was like “say what!” Change of plans I put together a taco salad… no meat, just bean burrito filling I’d made, salsa, black olives, good stuff that I couldn’t finish so I have leftovers and a bourbon manhattan with lavender bitters, a very warm cocktail that soothes. I’m annoyed with myself I’d forgotten to pick up a small pumpkin pie, but there’s still tomorrow. Haven’t given up on my wonton soup and crab rangoon…

      It was a good day though non-traditional.

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  2. Thought I’d run out to the store for throat spray then remembered it’s black Friday… no way in hell! I’ll scare up a home remedy.


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