I don’t approve

Medicine has no effect then had none

Didn’t last as it should

Not for me

It must run its course

Nothing less

Sleeping not sleeping

My throat my head

How many times to the bathroom couldn’t tell

The clock never as late as I think

That’s good at least

After a night of the living dead I’ll take my pill

Hot coffee yes

How do I feel

Some effect will do

Into work I will







5 thoughts on “Sickness

    1. Yes! I feel like hell… thought I’d have fun with it before my twisted stomach made a mess of my keyboard….. eww 😷. I’m with you with the weekend working some healing magic. Might go home from work early … daughter’s on call for a ride.

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  1. PS …. being in the mood for soup when I got home (and a big sweater, sweats, furry slippers) I looked over some leftovers, heated up a couple then thought ‘what if I liquified them into a cream soup’ (I’d stuffed a zucchini and made a white mushroom gravy to pour over the top) plus used the unstuffed half as basic buttered squash, threw it all in the blender and wow. It worked! Got the biggest mug I had in the cabinet, toasted a steak roll for dunking purposes, man did that hit the spot.

    Can’t say I’d ever thought of cream of zucchini soup before….


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