They were married. What they did was their business or so they thought. One evening he thought he’d add some spice and dressed as Batman, well… in a mask and cape at least. She’d agreed to be the damsel in distress tied to the train track, aka, their bed. He stood at the foot on the oak board as he leapt into the air to the rescue the post at the head breaking his fall. He tumbled unconscious on top of his bride. She panicked, never a good thing, and screamed for help.


The fire department came with an ambulance at their side but what a sight, naked and naked in a cape. Kept a straight face as they freed her and revived him loading him in for observation though they’d seen more than enough.


What would you have done?


This is what I would do…


He’d told me the story for whatever reason I can’t quite say what the intention might have been, to intrigue, to entice, nope, no way, but I didn’t have to think twice. “I’d have left you for dead” I said not missing a beat. “No way would anyone ever see us like that. I’d free myself then get dressed, call 911 after the fact. If you were still alive they’d revive you. I’d found you that way after all, you’d called me into the bedroom I heard a thud on the way in. ‘Poor man… I didn’t know he had it in him’… we’d and we’ll never do such a thing, don’t even go there.”


That was saltpeter enough.




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