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I Knew It


The sliding door was wide open for the cool breeze, my early morning ritual, then it started pelting rain covering my screen. Walking toward the door I felt the wetness being blown onto my legs. “Say what!” At least it didn’t reach the end table next to the couch and yes, tragically, I had to close the door. The breeze was delicious, cool in the lower 70’s. Anyway, I thought blowing in at that angle, from that direction it had to be an easterly wind. Checking my email and my weather update I was right today’s winds being ENE with the temp not rising above mid-seventies. This is going to be glorious.


Back to work after a 4-day holiday. Soon enough it’ll be the weekend again!


C’mon Friday.





I’m a self-published author of two books, a blogger, grandma, mom, auntie and friend... I’m also a TEFL instructor, have lived in a few other countries besides the US. I love walking, cooking, reading, traveling, teaching, learning, language, movies, vampires, mummies, zombies, other assorted creatures of the night, science fiction, romance, action, adventure, classics, Latin, Soave, Chianti, D’Abruzzo, Ouzo, Sambuca, Bulleit Bourbon, Plato, the ocean and tanning.

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