Significant Weather

A significant weather advisory showed up in the weather alerts and I wondered so I googled. It means not enough to call it severe thunderstorm  but there could be hail or as opposed to cats and dogs, it’s going to rain rocks like on Planet 51. Ok, I’ll bring my iron-clad umbrella and keep my fingers crossed for the distance I have to walk to work it doesn’t rain until after I get there, the umbrella being heavy and ouch!. It also means lightening. I guess it was smart of me to put my wash on this 2am, now 3 from surfing around then deciding to write, and drying it before lightening strikes. Thank goodness it’s Friday and I otherwise have no reason to go anywhere for the weekend.

Sorry, got lost in some thought.

Thinking of a turn of events at work. My boss is one of the worst I’ve ever experienced and I wonder why is it if I am meant to be here she is part of it. Why do I have to have a terrible boss who threatens my security, my pay, pretty much anything she can. I’m hanging on for my life until I can retire. My poker face is getting worn. One of those things there’s no answer for I guess.


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