Escapades: Nothing Sweet About Sweet Ants

I’ve fought the good fight and hope I’ve won. Since the weather had gotten warmer I’d find a straggler ant or two making their way across my kitchen counter. Easy enough to smash with the tip of a forefinger but then, I don’t know maybe word got around and they staged a coup, would they have eaten the tip of my forefinger alive, hmmm, anyway too many congregated on the counter one evening. I knew what to do but first I got out my white vinegar solution and sprayed the countertop down wiping away pests. It wasn’t going to keep them away indefinitely; it would suffice until I went to the store for Terro, a magic solution that causes antocide. Sorry Dr Pym, Hope, Mr Ant Man (theirs being the only house on the planet ants won’t get into everything), I don’t have what it takes to tell them they need to go hang out underground and not in my kitchen, and damn that movie anyway for instilling a nagging feeling that’s almost a sadness I should be kinder to ants. What the …! If memory served the only place I could find Terro was at a hardware store where the super pest killer / repellents lived for sale, however modern times being modern times I sought out Google to see if anyone else sold it. What a pleasant surprise that lots of places do. A tiny bottle costs under $2.50 – zipedeedodah!

It wasn’t easy restraining from wiping away all that were emerging after I dotted the countertop with thick liquid drops, the point of it being letting them gather, eat it, get it on themselves, whatever they do to bring it back to the nest, infect the nest and RIP ants. I watched in amazement as what I remembered was supposed to happen happened, they are drawn to this stuff, congregate around it, then leave – there were so many. I also saw where everyone was coming in from and left extra in that spot. It took three days and they are gone. I cleaned off the counter to remove the poison and last night I finally put a couple of things back on it but good can come with change. I’ve found new places for stuff and decided to keep that as bare as possible and use it more as my preparation counter, no more clutter.

I’m digging the new look.


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