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The Heat Kicks Ah-Hahn


The heat kicks on

A surprise


Been off so many days

My head swimming in my sinuses


Thanks to all this rain


Made espresso earlier

So far I’m two-shots in

Out of half n half so sad

You say what!

A habit I began in Italy

When in Rome I lived

Unlike the Romans


Any other milk t’is sin

But for now no worry

Later on I’ll see


Another stanza?



For now I’ll make toast while I think


So, so, so… so,


Cheesy garlic bread instead


A movie I remembered I didn’t like

But forgot why so

Watched it again


Reminded me of me

If I met an angel of light

I’d think he was bad

Most likely stab him like she did

Then a scene I’d completely forgot

The actress pregnant really

Getting into a tub side view

Over share I could’ve lived without

Light bulb clicks

I remembered reading it somewhere


Finally the end

She gives her life

She had to

She’d still be pregnant otherwise

Standing in full view

Even with clothes

Would special effects cover that?

Probably costs less if they don’t



The credits rolled and I said yeah

It all comes back

As sarcasm do

Feigned suspense

Credits held more than the plot


There’s an idea

Until next time


The End

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My name means pearl it’s true

But I lost a ruby

A valued gem

In the deep

Into muck it sank

A manmade lake

It couldn’t drown

Unlike the sea it won’t come back

Cataclysmic event will spit it out

That I doubt

It was my grandmother’s

I was young

With a young crush I did play

He pulled it off my hand


My heart sank

He dove in

No way he could save

It or rising embarrassment

At my folly

Surge of irresponsibility wave

I wish I had it to this day because it was hers

Simple truth

Nothing else


I thought I’d write an elegy


Leave it to you

Guess it or who

Dig in my soul deeper than the sea

To cloak its identity

But the wine, the wine takes over me

I doubt it’ll be another time

It slows me down

Nullifies my mind

Into a cushion I will sink

Shut my eyes

Sleep solid peace

No longer think