April 2017 Wraps It Up


April intends to keep raining like I intend to make espresso very soon. Might just stop what I’m doing and get into the kitchen. There’s that word might. Am I not certain I’m going to get into the kitchen? I know I will, I know I can. Ha, but maybe now which means I’ll still my fingers and get up. Listen to that rain. A couple of claps of thunder during the night, some silent lightening against the sky as if a lamp’s bulb snapped out unexpected but I fell back into slumberland in spite of it. I’ve no intention of going anywhere or doing any more than relaxing with a few good movies and good company.


My only concern right now is what size espresso pot, how many shots…






Forgot my raincoat

Running back home before the bus arrives

The wind fighting me

Blowing me back is what it seems

No don’t seem


Esse quam videre

It can’t be real

My jacket flapping in the breeze

Pulling me

I won’t stop

Trying to wrap around me Nefertiti

Grabbing my hands

Catching my wrists


Made it to the parking lot

A couple more strides

Now in

Didn’t have parking lots in Egyptian times

Did they?

Not so advanced

Or were they?

Are parking lots advancement

Coating asphalt over earth?

Made it inside

Snatched up my prize

Raincoat over my arm

Let it pour

Checked transport radar and there’s still time

Out the door to the corner

I’ll catch the bus here








I should throw the towel in and get some sleep, plug a video in for repose. It’s raining outside, thunderstorms and lightening illuminating the sky for real but different from daylight, that eerie ‘something’s coming’ showing an image for a brief moment. Is there something? Most stand there trying to distinguish what it is, alas their demise realizing too late…


Well, that’s a lot of melodrama. Truth is I woke a bit after three and heard the storm, checked the two windows I’d left cracked, one windowsill was dry but the other saturated from the angle of the downpour so that got closed. Nothing significant was wet and with the temp dropping it’ll stay comfortable inside. April showers on.





Unsweetened cocoa and a dollop of fluff

The marshmallow kind

Winding down the day

Ready to plug in a film and sleep

Maybe check out Netflix

While free trial’s in play

Who knows what I’ll find

And April wraps it up

Another week and a day

Well goodnight for now


I feel it

Coming my way




Sometimes Pulling A Few Words From A Sentence Works


Coming up with a title isn’t always easy. I woke as I do during wee hour time, resituated myself and started thinking about peacefulness and intimacy that I feel while the world sleeps and ‘now what would I call it’. My first inclination is something to do with the muse and darkness but I’ve used those so many times, what this time? Then, I thought of a thought I had walking to work a morning or two ago, thinking to myself ‘it might be interesting but see what happens, I’m walking and can’t pull up the laptop to write, hopefully I’ll remember’. Another blogger a while back had suggested taking notes on a cell phone, something I’ve done since then but not this time. It may have been raining and I didn’t want to pull it out. At that point I got out of bed and propped myself up by the computer. Sometimes it’ll come back during writing… so far not yet.

There goes the light bulb however dim. I’m going to do a little research and see if I can find what struck me.

Nope but I did get something accomplished business-wise. And I’m winding down so I should be able to relax and sleep ‘till the alarm goes off.



In Disguise


The Easter Bunny crept across the street

To the store hoping for sales

But not yet

Oh well

Found a small wicker basket

Purple for royalty no other way

A couple of delightful gifts

Just for fun not too much

A chocolate rabbit as tradition demands

On a stick

Best lollipop you can bet

Picked up a grocery order

Came back

Put things away

Designed the Easter surprise

Well not so much

We know what we get

But the magic there still

That reflects in your eyes


Now I have to put it somewhere so I stop picking on it

And there’s something left

When you arrive



In Broad Daylight Still April 2017

Warm enough to keep the windows open at night and sleep comfortably, up early as light begins to break, sun shining, breeze blowing, would t’were all Saturdays be this glorious. Should have have put this in verse? I’m not worried. Thinking of more coffee and possibly toast. Don’t know anything else about this day except to enjoy it.

Grandson: Do pigs like eggs?

Grandma: I don’t know. I guess if eggs were mixed up in slop pigs wouldn’t care.

Grandson: In Angry Birds pigs like eggs.

Then the grandson rambles on about driving.

Grandma: Are you driving an egg?

Grandson: Shck…wha…! This is a racing game!


And so boundaries of reality are blurred. Then again… are they?




Old Friends


Hello darkness my old friend ran through my mind. That’s probably right but there’s no connotation. It’s peace, warmth and anticipation for the world to wake, light to break through, a new day to begin. So here I am with darkness, my old friend, and honestly I’m considering putting my head down for the remaining time before the alarm will actually go off and let it do just that. Many times as soon as I stretch out fatigue leaves me and I get right back up.


Let’s see what happens.


Well, it all lasted 10 minutes but it was enough.


I’ve a precious bit of half n half left to complement a shot of espresso. I may go there as another day ticks away toward the weekend. We’ve a three-day coming up. As it happens several at the daycare are writhing in agony because time is dragging its feet this week. Time. It really doesn’t go anywhere, doesn’t have feet, it’s just there. Time… man’s big idea to make the day, no, chop the day into productivity.


I think it’s time to make coffee. Oh goodness, a yawn. Yes, now’s the time.






How efficient do I want to be? Is it efficient to write the evening before when I should be lounging nodding off to a movie? What am I saving or do I just feel like writing? Hmm… It’s so beautiful a night… breezy, the temperature just right to have windows open, relaxing… just too relaxing. No more thinking.


So I stopped what I was doing and plugged in a video. I was out light a light in a few minutes.


And now Monday begins.

There We Go – April Of That New Year 2017

The cursor was stuck so I rebooted the page as I was zoning thinking about making espresso. Yesterday sprinkling Demerara sugar over froth, oh so carefully I thought, a huge lump made a splash. “That’s sweet and light” crossed my mind. When the beverage was almost done like a child I made the slurpy-vacuum and turned the cup up to get as much off the bottom as I could. Waste not.

Up early before light, wouldn’t miss it – showered, put laundry away, did this and that including dumping trash, have windows open this early listening to birds argue amongst themselves. They finally finished off the cookies I’d put out. Wonder what they’d think of a lump of cookie dough?

Let’s find out.