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March 2017 Moves Forward


Up with the contemplatives like the old days and have a wash on at 4a.m., the one thing I don’t mind adding to the peacefulness of the day. I’d slept on and off to a couple of movies (a Queen Latifa double feature) after not being able to finish my super-salad and white wine for supper and stretched out after shutting off the third – guess I’ve had enough sleep. This doesn’t mean I won’t put my head down again sometime before the alarm officially goes off. We’ll see.


Today will be the second day of almost reaching 70 degrees and Saturday there’ll be an inch of snow. Is there any surprise tornadoes happen here especially under such stable weather conditions? I can’t help but wonder if those two weeks of genuine winter we haven’t gotten yet won’t rear their head. In a place like this it’s safe to say Punxsutawney Phil is doing the best he can. So far there’s been a tug-of-war between March the lion and March the lamb.


Time to transfer clothes to the dryer. Hang on.


That’s done. So far I haven’t been overwhelmed with the desire to go back to sleep. Might make an espresso though… might jump in the shower. Trying to shake this ridiculousness, this mind-boggling nonsense from my brain that goes on at work. I’m surprised no one’s come up with a “World’s Worst Bosses” show. Funny, but that said the tension is gone, I see the insignificance, the lack of importance of what goes on, the urgency to take it any further gone.


Thanks for being there.





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