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Third Month Of The New Year Begins With Homework


Rio Carnival coloring pages have certainly taken their toll on my printer. I foresee a new double pack, color and black and white cartridges in my near future. Rio celebrations go on for a full six days, and it may take me just that long to get this board put together, hence why I’m making copies and doing final touches I hope to mount up tomorrow, at home. It’ll all be left up until the 15thish of March, then be changed to a Roman / St Patrick’s flavor. It’s going to be good. We certainly won’t be focusing on the assassination of Caesar, but having a 1-year old face on an emperor image complete with laurels is hard to resist. The only other thing I’d like to accomplish is changing the month on my calendars at home and that big one in the classroom. It comes with all types of illustrations so I can change the season, put up images for the upcoming notable events, celebrations, and the youngest in the room is turning 1, so a Happy Birthday will go on that day! It will officially be 4 little boys around 1-year. Ouch…


So why does “Red, red wine” pop to mind though maybe “Rye Whiskey” would be better, “Rye whiskey, rye whiskey rye whiskey I cry…” (most days necessarily are long days) well, I prefer bourbon but you get the picture. You know, I could write a song about that: “Oh bourbon, oh bourbon, my lavender bitters cry. If she doesn’t buy some bourbon soon we’ll all up and dry.”


I won’t quit my day job…





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