Lambs Lay With Lions, Lions Lay With Lambs



Looking out the window as the sky shrugs off light

I think about March and the turmoil it brings

Such a rocky month

Especially this last week

Nothing but rain and severe weather threats

During unseasonably warm

But March swears no allegiance to any season

Leaving nothing unseasonable about its change


Going out like a lion came in like a lamb

Runs through my mind

How does that saying go?

But I heard it both ways in my youth

So if doesn’t do one it’ll do the other

It certainly didn’t come in like a lion

But it’s going out like one as far as I can see

What does that mean


The best place to look

The Farmers Almanac

The only dependable book and weatherman we have

Has been over time

For years and years

That prediction just a saying it clears once and for all

About lions and lambs

We all hope for the best is the best we can do


March doesn’t rest is all that we know

Read further down to see

What could be the most accurate forecast?

I’m not surprised at what I read

Northeast, New England’s increasing clouds

Becoming unsettled is to say the least

They’ve had mounds of snow

I know, it’s where some of my family resides


Midwest where I am more stormy weather

No kidding

Another tornado watch

On a quiet night a surprise

But more rain all the same

And those winds kicking up, had whistled around all day

The sun peeks through now and again

Not interfering with winter’s duel with spring

Saying goodbye isn’t easy

More often tears it does bring

From what I’ve seen that’s a perfectly broken heart

Don’t mess with Mother Nature

The origin of Alpha

The Sun remains patiently for the clouds to move on

April may bring showers or wait until May

I’ve seen that before too


I turn toward the door

More light coming through on this gray day

All perfect gray hues except there’re greens

New greens pale not yet bold

Broken cookies left on the railing haven’t yet washed away

Is that why the birds haven’t eaten them?

Food for thought

Anyway, March the Lion has a few more days





Organizational Management & Don’t Take It Personally It’s Only Business Series: Long Term Effects of Short Term Emotion


The aftermath of action and experience, historically, influences decision-making.  We (the mind) recall what happened and consider the circumstance under which what happened took place.  Business likes to call it synergy – the combination of physical functions of the body that makes a personal environment within ourselves, commonly known as us that are more than capable of reevaluating the happening.  Some people won’t accept this synergetic evaluation.  They are what can be called hotheaded.  They know the details but justify the emotional response that makes precedent in the brain. From this I could set precedent for other non-connected decisions.  The brain doesn’t consider the way to act, the environment we create for ourselves does.  The brain does the math and we take it from there.


We can certainly create an artificial environment for ourselves thanks to anxiety or even exhilaration from happiness, simply in the over exaggeration of the emotion.  The mind again does the math and we take it away as in being at the starting gate and we’re off.  These people are referred to as paranoid – victims of anxiety – and ditz-brained over-reactionary due to exhilaration.  Neither make a very good business professional along with the hotheaded one.


When faced with circumstances, it’s best to internalize them, meaning allowing our synergetic selves to know all possible outcomes depending on response and select the best response/outcome not keep it bottled up inside, let the pressure build and not even notice how far a radius when we explode.  We must look closely at the math.  If we don’t allow for this process, we create unnecessary complicated equations that show what we lack.  Of course, this still doesn’t tell us why so many people react and don’t evolve from their reaction.  Our decision-making can be influenced by an emotional response exclusive of ourselves.  You know how it works: “my sister had a hard time with that so I don’t think it’s good.”



Saying Good Morning While Going Sub-Atomic At March’s End 2017 Or Saying Good Morning And Philosophy As The Devil, Date Remains: 2


Strictly Platonic


An orgy, the functional state of multiple realizability, is preferred over masturbation, the act of self-inflation.


In Philosophy: Orgy – functional Platonic state of multiple realizability; masturbation – an act of self-inflation.


In Philosophy, an Orgy is a functional Platonic state of multiple-realizability and we all know that boys will be boys.



See what I mean?





Saying Good Morning While Going Sub-Atomic At March’s End 2017 Or Saying Good Morning And Philosophy As The Devil, Date Remains


Can I have both within logical parameters?


A new year with resolution and purpose, I think it still is. Haven’t lost determination and what I’d like to accomplish. That being said,


Did you know way back when I was an undergraduate I’d embarked on writing a dictionary beginning with O probably because for some strange reason I was thinking of an old porn movie or that wasn’t it at all. It would never have, actually will never get published not because I need a publisher but with those few words I began with I realized as I keep/kept (this is why I’ve always preferred the Perfect Tense in Latin – it is past but represents an action that’s still alive unlike simple past that cuts everything off as a door nailed shut) defining things I’ll never get finished. There’s always something to define, always the next thought. Then it’s not in alphabetical order. So after defining things to infinity which means I’ll be defining in the next life when this one’s through and, when it’s put in alphabetical order it won’t follow my thought and purpose for why I’m defining these things and I’ll be creating chaos with unconnected words with no purpose for meaning the greater good having been lost.


Let me show you.



A Dictionary Beginning With O


Orgy – functionalistic state of multiple realizabilities


Functionalistic – having a purpose physical/mental, mind/mental, physical/mind, mental/mind, physical/physical, mental/mental, mind/mind, unless serving a purpose: ibid and resulting in purpose


State – condition individual and collective, an entity comprised of people inhabiting a specific physical area in nature as in a geologic location, and entity comprised of people of similar mind, an entity comprised of people of similar physical condition, a condition comprised of people who are joined in similar mind, a condition of people disjoined in dissimilar mind resulting in chaos


Realizabilities – inherent natures of people to translate perception to the objective, natural analysis of form (real: genuine/true, eyes: instruments of perception, able: possibility)


Multiple – more than one representation, image, intuition, action (imago, imitatio, admonere) similar to:

Juxtaposition – an alignment (just suppose) using a:

Quantified Variable – the nature of substantial flexibility, of being, versatile integration


Integration – a condition of integrity



You get the picture. I could go on and on. With each word of each definition I keep defining, as more cultures add to language meaning changes, definition is added, as a writer job security never ends, and as a student of philosophy I always have something to talk about.






Well, I thought I’d write but we both got sick with temps over 100o, went to sleep early, but the night was restless with hallucinating dreams – you know how it is with a fever even slight and the mind can’t rest – then he woke close to 8, I was up around 5:30, and things had to be done, rinse a mouth that felt sticky with an old fashioned remedy, then medicine given, then being made comfortable then temps taken again, then… then… then… three times I attempted hot espresso, found soothing things for a scratchy throat and now it’s way past dawn, in fact it’s mid morning but by the time I’d thought to add that it’d become after noon. Did have hazelnut hot cocoa… mm… very good.


Maybe tomorrow… I’ll shoot for that.



What Inspires



Inspirationless not

At peace is what it is

And I understand why

When dirges stop

It’s necessary to have a clothing line


Or something else to fall back on


But I’m not that kind of famous

So what will I do?

Guess I’ll keep writing

Through hell, high water

Peace on earth


For what it’s worth


The dryer just stopped

Those clothes I’ll get

Espresso by my side

Grandson in view

Sun shining through though rain was predicted


What do they know?

As they say

I’m not worried

Did I tell you I finally ended the dragon game?

What a bust


Guess it wasn’t prepared for the level I’d gained

Or winning all leagues

What can I say?

There’s none like me

Really for that matter like you


Lazy Saturday

Can’t go wrong

Hey think I still have cartoons

On a VHS tape

Means I still have a player


Saturday can’t get better



Sunday Is For Vampire But It’s Monday In The Month Of March 2017



I overslept which comically means until 6a.m. Had turned off the alarm Friday so as not to wake my grandson while I showered and forgot to turn it back on. Glad I’m wise enough to check the time just for nothing if we can call that maneuver wise. It would’ve been a shock to wake when it was daylight. I did watch vampire movies Sunday but began with the latest Godzilla, discovering he’s the old fashioned one with the heart of gold who fights the other bad-guy mutations. It’s not his fault he’s so big he can’t avoid stomping buildings. Good to see Japan getting pummeled like it used to although the fight was brought to San Francisco for a bit then he swam away as the sun rose.


Nice touch.