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Last Three Days Of February

Winter’s back but so far no snow. Signs of the February times yesterday at 40º have dropped to “27 feeling like 14”. For the first time in five days at least my heat’s back on. I was told it might snow, of course I shoot for it waiting until Sunday night to really come down, but I haven’t found any indication through my weather update none of which changes ‘baby it’s cold outside’. An expresso this morning will be delightful as I inhale it’s fragrance contemplating what these last three days of February might bring.

Listen to that, the wind is howling around the building. Unless it dies down I don’t think we’ll be out for a walk this morning. Yes, my grandson is here, we’re having a sleepover.

Think I’ll get my slippers on, collect all my electronics, migrate to the dining room table, get a load of laundry started and make that espresso. Besides, I’ve got the laptop on one of those lap-desks and it keeps sliding away from me… holding it still with my arms while typing is becoming wearing… and making creases…