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Zen In The Business Section



My dragons miss me and they’re hungry, I can buy a dragon with gems but the other I need to win at an island yet there’s less than 12 hours left, I’m not getting the items that come with the gold I collect to add to what I need to get the other dragon for breeding… I mean, do you ever get tired of these cheap shots to force you, ok not force but to ‘hornswaggle’ let’s say, at the crucial moment this would be the option, to buy the items needed to complete a task. I use force you lightly, believe me, because I’m not paying cash for anything, I just keep playing and what I get I get, however I’ve always felt a move like this was a ‘cheap shot’ though I do perceive it with a certain amount of glee. It’s a game I downloaded for my grandson to play to keep him busy in a restaurant we were checking out, and I’ve kept it up for when he reads better and can really sink his teeth into it as it were. Nonetheless, one thing I have little patience for is lousy business and I have less patience for bullies. I’ll feed my dragons when I’ve collected the amount of gold I want to have on hand to grow food, not spending 19.99 on the best deal for getting food now… neither am I buying anything else for cash, spending 49.99 to own a rare dragon… are they nuts?! It’s a game, supposedly stress free. I mean… seriously?


Who comes up with this stuff anyway? I do come across enough of these expensive characters to wonder if people have actually spent that kind of cash or the system is throwing them out there in the name of marketing.


Be all this as it may, I’m at level 55, won all the leagues, yes I did it but there was no fanfare or super reward. What happens is they keep offering to let me continue to play league tournaments – helps me earn some of the stuff I need and meet new players. I’ve several dragons at level 30 and will eventually get a few of them up higher but you know, it costs a lot of gold to feed them…