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February Marches On



Nodding on and off through doing laundry with the Expendables saving us from bad guys in the background and the guy next door celebrating his birthday. Fresh from campus life visitors are a bit outspoken in the hallway, which is how I know, as music thud, thud, thuds bass through the walls. I don’t mind one way or the other as friends, I’m guessing, migrate to the balcony for a puff coming in a little clearer than otherwise muffled conversation when everyone’s inside. It doesn’t last long. Fifty years ago, over fifty years ago it was proven smoking is bad for you, all it does is kill you that began a crusade to put the tobacco industry out of business. No more Marlboro Man, no more Sir Walter Raleigh, no more walking a mile for a Camel – how could you anyway with your lungs being turned black – and no more free TV with excellent programming all sponsored by cigarette companies. Ads were removed from everywhere including magazines and billboards, TV left a lot to be desired, and pay TV began its ascent. Makes you wonder how many of these companies own cable TV. One way or another we’re going to be addicts and be drained financially.


Such sublime thought at midnight. I see the windows frosting over telling me the temperature is dropping and hot cocoa might just be in order while I see what’s going on with my dragons before I doze off again. With only a couple of hours to spare before Fairytale Island disappears, I don’t think it’s enough time to complete the journey to win the two-headed Hansel and Gretel dragon, but I can pick up gems and gold before it ends.