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SuperBowl Sunday


Normally I watch it but my grandson and I watched Turbo instead. Always did like the Indie 500. I remember a friend who watched it every year. No, not Turbo – I’m afraid it was before Turbo’s time, but the Indianapolis 500. He traditionally made lamb and new potatoes for the occasion that the kids and I very much enjoyed. (Funny how they never minded watching the races.) On and off during the day finalizing after he left, I wrote out Infant Room Classroom Expectations… “These, are called babies…” and made copies of coloring pages for decorating the classroom cork board, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day inclusive. Yeah… it’s gonna be good; move over Cecil B DeMille. Dino De Laurentiis, who’s he? Now I’m ready for a grown up movie to fall asleep to then back to work tomorrow wishing my body didn’t ache from slumbering in what I call a squishy chair, a 6-foot long Fuff (beanbag-ish) chair when I should have found my way to a bed sometime during the night. Ahh, life is good.


Speaking of which, we had a winter night into early morning that became a spring afternoon at a balmy 50 degrees. Very nice of winter and spring to work together toward change. It’s 72 in my apartment right now that I know will last through most of the night and give my heat a break from having to run. Should it come on early a.m. because the temperature dropped again it will be only to take the chill out of the air until the sun breaks through to warm it up again.


Now that’s what I’m talking about!






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