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Day 32 Of A New Year… Nah, Feb 1st In 2017

Yup, home feeling a bit eww-kee… meaning that bug that’s grabbing everyone else is trying to get hold of me but I’d like to give it a run for its money and cast it out. So, here we are. The alarm woke me which is certain implication I don’t feel well and instead of the usual seems I have a wordy problem. Let’s start again…

Writing in the daylight because I slept in. Every time I use because I remember something from way back that said when you write try to avoid using because, find another way to put it, but I don’t remember why. Anyway, 50 degrees yesterday and the promise of snow flurries today. Go figure. Is spring beginning to argue with winter already? It can have-go providing it saves on my utility bill. Too bad unlike Monopoly I don’t own the utilities or better yet I could cash in the board money… I’ve wished that since I was a kid.