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Day 14 Of A New Year


Let there be ice, and there is. Just for fun I stepped out to see how bad… some places have salt and what doesn’t is a sheet, cars – the couple that went by – don’t seem to have a care but that was how 8 of them wound up in a ditch the last ice storm just up the street from my grandson’s school, so we won’t take their word for anything. One of my neighbors came out and was slipping around which shows you where tennis shoes will get you so he takes them off, smiles and says “this is the only way I can get across the ice” and slides on his socks while carrying the shoes.


Still, I know I haven’t seen it all just yet.






I’m a self-published author of two books, a blogger, grandma, mom, auntie and friend... I’m also a TEFL instructor, have lived in a few other countries besides the US. I love walking, cooking, reading, traveling, teaching, learning, language, movies, vampires, mummies, zombies, other assorted creatures of the night, science fiction, romance, action, adventure, classics, Latin, Soave, Chianti, D’Abruzzo, Ouzo, Sambuca, Bulleit Bourbon, Plato, the ocean and tanning.

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