Day 10 Of A New Year



What a magnificent sleep I had last night. Took good medicine – thanks Walgreens for having Sudafed on sale – got under a pile of blankets… cozy warm and slept like a log as it goes. Should I be happy that I no longer have a reason to call in at work? Well… I could be rotten and call in anyway… nah… from what I hear although it’s in the 50s right now that ice mess is coming back Thursday night, so who knows how it’s going to pan out. Might turn into a treacherous 3-day weekend. Wait, that’d be treacherous 4-day weekend thanks to Martin Luther King Day celebrated on Monday unless of course it becomes 50 again on Sunday. This is the mid-west after all.


I’ve just had the overwhelming desire to clean off my desk. Poor thing is drowning in a stack of receipts not that I needed the holiday to add to it but it certainly did. Think I’ll cooperate with the bug that bit.





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