Day 31 Of A New Year


Listening to the cuckoo clock tick, pump making a gentle trickle-bubble in the fish tank, sitting comfortably on my grandson’s bed because for some reason he really likes mine and has been sleeping in it the past couple of nights, I cooperate with the muse that won’t let me sleep. Sometimes I think it’s just to sit in the quiet – I know it doesn’t sound like it but it is peaceful, moreso than a busy day with cars driving by, busses and trucks revving up the incline. There’s peace in this darkness though I feel a little chilly. The heat hasn’t had to come on yet thanks to the 50 + degrees and sunshine we had driving the temp inside up to 70.


Works for me.


Business all taken care of, taxes not here yet new life begins with February up next, then March and spring so I won’t have to run utilities for warmth or cool.


Works for me again.







Day 30 Of A New Year


A month almost through and February approaches with its 28 days. What if you’re born the 29th? Well then how young you stay! Still sleepy but with an agenda. Such ambition for a Monday. Why not! I’m not getting any younger after all. Think I’ll heat up that coffee and concoct juice but with seeds, flax seeds to take with vitamins will set things up right. Strength, energy, keeping regular – nothing but smart moves, ha!


Still, onward through January’s final week. Keep moving forward always. Yes, yesterday we watched Meet The Robinsons. Just keep swimming… just keep swimming… just keep swimming… another favorite.


Thanks Dory.





Yes, I played my iPad game. The important things…

Day 29 Of A New Year



Sunday and Vampires… What is it about Sunday that causes me to relish watching horror movies, vampires in particular? I mean, neither word even begin with the same letter  and I can’t even remember how it started, an emotion grabbed and overwhelmed, “I feel like that today – this flavor I want” that became… I don’t know… tradition? There’s a warmth that fills me at daybreak and the thought. Small horns form on the back of my head, the espresso, the toast are better today moreso than any other. It’s starting off the way it should be. Yes it is! Crazy right? Nah, it’s just me.


There, a glimpse as my grand-angel sleeps. Now might be a good time to get the espresso percolating. May the biggest decision of the day be what-sized pot for how many shots.


Sunday on!


Days 27 & 28 Of A New Year: Define Lackadaisical

Coffee and toast could be fun. I keep checking the sliding door to see if there’s daylight yet. Nope… soon enough though.

Give me a minute; I’ll be right back.

All set up.

So, I played my dragon game, watched Grimm, checked Facebook, all those fun procrastinations I used to do when I was studying, should get to the classroom, homework and the paper that was due… man I could waste hours, yet everything got done but I could waste hours. I’d be so good at research…

BTW, it’s daylight now.


Day 26 Of A New Year


Can you believe January is almost over! It flies I’ll tell you. Where did the time go and what have we done so far to kick up the new year? Has the newness gone already or is it still alive in there motivating us on to accomplish any vows we made and changes we’re determined to make happen? In other words, are we getting caught up in the every day already, is January 1st a faded memory or is the honeymoon still alive – is it still a new year?

I don’t know, that’s a lot of questions for so early in the morning.

Let me tell you what I’m going to do… first of all stop thinking every time I hear a sound in this place that it’s my grandson running around, he’s asleep – I just checked – and there are three other apartments in the building all with noise-making potential in fact, someone’s got the TV on loving the morning news, besides it’s an old building  that settles, creaks and clack-clacks regularly. Second, I’m going to get organized and fold blankets, straighten up a bit before the morning officially begins and last but certainly not least, I’m making an espresso and taking my vitamins… all before my alarm finally goes off.



Day 25 Of A New Year

OK, it was leftover night. Not intended but the way it worked out. My grandson watching A PUP Named Scooby Doo with one eye and playing games on his tablet with the other. Life is good. He had leftover max n cheese and I leftover diced potatoes and green beans with a few forkfuls of max n cheese on the side. Sometimes it’s fun not to cook. (The microwave did it) Unfinished glass of wine from the night before in a fresh glass complemented the meal. Relaxed and getting sleepy.

Maybe I’ll be up before the alarm goes off…

Day 24 Of A New Year


It finally happened! The font defaulted to Times New Roman! My efforts have not been in vain.


Drinking in the peace while I can and detecting a strange sound from beyond…like either the bathroom or bedroom. Hmm… maybe the people downstairs, not under the stairs. The way this place is built there’d be no space for them. Then again the fridge makes strange moans, groans and clicks from time to time. It was a clicking like a horror movie insect… one of those big ones. By the glow of the fragrance warmer I don’t detect antennae anywhere. Nothing jumped out or grabbed me making high-pitched squeaking sounds injecting me with … whatever … to liquefy my innards when I checked my grandson and the bathroom. In fact the only sound was his breathing. Would t’were Saturday.


There you have a sampler of horror movies I’ve watched beginning way back. Most are the old black and white ones. Yes, more than one.


Time for espresso.





Day 23 Of A New Year


And in 8 months on this very day I’ll celebrate my birthday. Well, a little bit of a wait. The sun is trying to break through – nice for a change – this ain’t England you know, and it’s been warmer than usual. No complaints here.


Stayed home to ensure what bug was buggin’ me is gone. Got busy kneading bread dough and turning overripe bananas into Coffee Bread. Heavenly smells through the kitchen as bread rises and Banana Bread bakes.


There goes the timer…


Day 22 Of A New Year

A friend picked me up Friday and gave me a ride home from work. She asked if I wanted to stop by the store, she had to pick up medicine for her fiancé – he has the flu. Being a full time student at this juncture of life she’s been home with him throughout the incubation period into the sickness being full blown. Yesterday she was going to come over and help put together an end-table requiring some assembly that I found out meant I at least didn’t have to cut out the wood, but she was sick. Last night I was in the bathroom feeling queasy…

Wonder how my grandson is feeling today. She’d picked him up from school before she got me, he was coming over my house.

Oh man…






Day 21 Of A New Year


… Finds me thinking about my other blog and writing something spooky. Need to get back to that and see what I might come up with. Every time I think of may, might or it seems I am reminded of a Latin saying ‘esse quam videre’ I’d rather be than to seem but the way my brain works it won’t stop there causing me to consider it might be the Shakespearean to be or not to be. It’s used in business believe it or not in a similar vein that you’ll always find books about Zen on the same shelf with books to do with business, and I came across it in a class I was taking… a business class. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the Latin equivalent of a firm handshake.


Back to spooky, the Nightmare Before Christmas cuckoo clock is sounding off in the background playing the movie’s eerie theme. Inspiration perhaps? What’s fun about all this is I woke around midnight to put together days 19 and 20 and some thoughts popped to mind for what’s next. I’m winding down but I’d best take notes so they’ll stop running around my head and I can sleep… eventually. It’s interesting how we rationalize – I thought, “well at least it’s Friday, if I stay up longer I’ll survive the day”. Originally I’d planned to pay my dragons a visit and see what aspects have recharged in the game and play on. I do still intend to get there. I’m building my gold to 300 million before I feed them any more. I’ve half a dozen at level 30 but we need to be bigger, better, stronger, more skilled. Food gets expensive as we grow so I distract myself with picking and choosing for training until I feed them again. I need to level up those who live in the Ancient World. That way I can ‘love them’ as my grandson says and get new dragons with different elements.


Busy, busy busy…


Oh, and I turned that espresso that was hitting the spot into a café mocha that’s really hitting the spot. I highly recommend the Land O Lakes Hot Cocoa packets that most times can be found 2 for $1. My grandson’s Chocolate Mint and I’m Hazelnut. Might just look into a case of both.