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Nothing And All Of It


A Jumble Of Words…

Speaking of which, Word may want to give me fits today. Interesting, or not, the way updates confuse the technological universe. Looking outside it’s very slick. Could it be ice? According to the weather it’s above freezing and rainy. Well, there go my delusions of possible snow during the night and the center being closed tomorrow. The sun hasn’t come out yet, ha, I should say the daylight and clouds haven’t even come out yet and I’m thinking of tonight. Clothes hanging inside to dry, lights on the balcony still on, what do I want, a shower, cappuccino, both? Yes. So peaceful and quiet the heat’s not even on. A gentle ticking of the mantle clock though I don’t have a mantle. Haven’t turned on the fragrance warmer yet.


A Last Tango In Paris brings back bad memories, bad times, wrong husband-to-soon-be-ex, and that poor actress. How directors take advantage and dehumanize another. It’s like overwhelming greed when there’s gold nearby. Bertolucci and Brando got awards but why didn’t the actress. Outrage over the incident but they got the prize nonetheless. Who’s kidding who? I saw it, didn’t want to but my boyfriend wanted to, thought it was horrible. The entire movie made me sick inside. Wonder why it’s so newsy now and has to be brought back into the light… the spotlight. I’m glad Italy doesn’t agree with abuse and treated Bertolucci accordingly. Maybe that’s it.


I’m feeling a little tired but don’t want to leave the warmth of the quiet and morning peace. A cappuccino for now, contemplating showering, and I’ll turn on the fragrance warmer to add a soft light.


The heat kicked on.







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