The Page Is Blank No More


Well the title takes care of that. Enjoying the peace once again. The neighbors in the adjacent and lower apartments have finally called it a night – nice of them to throw in the towel around 5 a.m. This isn’t campus but the real world or it’s supposed to be. Still I wonder if they think because it’s a college town they have the right. One of these days they’ll act up in the wrong place like those Olympians did. Enjoy your consequences. Hope I’m a safe distance away when I read about them. Thanks for the inspiration nonetheless. Would I have come up with something to write about anyway? I hope so.


So what else? A slight chill because my heat isn’t on yet. The weather has been cooperative and not quite at freezing. The sun shining through the glass doors warms everything nicely maintaining through most of the night. A healthier way to sleep I hear but I wouldn’t mind a fireplace. I wonder how long I’d keep just warm enough and turning on the heat at bay. I grew up with such ideas. My father was a misplaced pioneer. First he had a coal burning stove in the basement to heat the house, then moved on to a wood burning stove, or was it the other way around. Then the furnace was replaced. It was nothing to rise and feed the stove but a treat to have the heat set to run on its own. Living in northern Italy near the Alps the only insulation my room had was shutters on the windows. Beautiful, brisk… Blankets and dressing warm made sense along with hot cocoa, espresso, and hot toddies.


And so ends my Sunday good-morning. It’s still dark at 5:21. Maybe hot cider for a change. Just bought more cinnamon sticks…





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