Peace, Cappuccino, Darkness Wakes


Peace, quiet, crisp breeze through an open slit in the door. Hssss… in the distance, somewhere cars travel. Not me. Not this time. But wait. I hear footsteps from someone awake. That could only be one person (I hope). It is Halloween you know.

Hugs and kisses for me. The first request of the day has to do with the iPad location, “why, I put it near your bed”. “Yeah but you usually put it here on the place right next to the bed not the table”. Too technical so early… my bad… super-bad. I try to do things professionally you see. Now peaceful still, but sirens, distant sirens join in, electronic battle sounds low, watch a video for gold coins, something about cigarettes… so that’s why the age to play was raised to 13. Should we sell to 13-year olds when no one should smoke at all?


Ah, the moral question.


But it’s so… cozy, not warm but a feeling of warmth. A special time. Looking at the glass door there will be sky. Still, leave balcony lights on, orange, purple, green. Nice. But I’ll go make cappuccino now, get the vitamin and smoothie regimen started. Carve a jack-o-lantern, watch spooky flicks, be lazy, candy later… yeah, sounds like a good day to me.

Widen those slats. Here comes more sky.


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