Before It Ends



Peace, Cappuccino, Darkness Wakes


Peace, quiet, crisp breeze through an open slit in the door. Hssss… in the distance, somewhere cars travel. Not me. Not this time. But wait. I hear footsteps from someone awake. That could only be one person (I hope). It is Halloween you know.

Hugs and kisses for me. The first request of the day has to do with the iPad location, “why, I put it near your bed”. “Yeah but you usually put it here on the place right next to the bed not the table”. Too technical so early… my bad… super-bad. I try to do things professionally you see. Now peaceful still, but sirens, distant sirens join in, electronic battle sounds low, watch a video for gold coins, something about cigarettes… so that’s why the age to play was raised to 13. Should we sell to 13-year olds when no one should smoke at all?


Ah, the moral question.


But it’s so… cozy, not warm but a feeling of warmth. A special time. Looking at the glass door there will be sky. Still, leave balcony lights on, orange, purple, green. Nice. But I’ll go make cappuccino now, get the vitamin and smoothie regimen started. Carve a jack-o-lantern, watch spooky flicks, be lazy, candy later… yeah, sounds like a good day to me.

Widen those slats. Here comes more sky.

The Loop


The Loop


Up early to write

It’s still dark but I feel stirring within my soul

Now’s the time


But first


I grab my iPad and play a game

Keeping up with my dragons you know

When my grandson is old enough

When he reads better he’ll play

He’ll love the level and all that I’ve done

The dragons I have

250 out of 500 so far isn’t bad

I do it for him not me

Don’t you see

Then I check facebook just in case

Of what don’t ask

Reminds me of days of study and online degrees

I’ve a paper to write

Class participation

Homework you see

What should I do first


It’s the devil I tell you and my wish list grows long

I order stuff too

What else to do

Coffee don’t forget

How could I


Check stats on the blog who’s stopped by to read

Humbled I’m overwhelmed at anyone at all

Thank-you so much



I think of something fun I’d like to see

Or remember something I wonder if it still exists

Then three hours later

Get to the classroom you


My routine call it that what I’d do


But these days to write

Let me think what to say

I did make coffee cappuccino

You know me well

Written odes in the past


Hey I spelled it right

No red lined for me

What else

A mild cough oh no coming down with

I’m not sure but hot coffee soothes

Feels good

And a good day to sleep

But I’ve just awakened to greet the day

It’s still dark but I feel stirring within my soul

Now’s the time

It is


I know


Looking up I catch a semblance of sky

Draw back the blinds and see the North Star

Snap on the Halloween lights until the sun breaks


Is it moving

The North Star

It’s moving

It’s a bird no a plane

Superman it ain’t

Hold on

It’s still there

What does this mean that I can see the earth move


Hey there goes a bat

Swooping break speed

Up too early Drac

Or good luck for Halloween





It might have been called a visitation in some sects, you know, when a supernatural being makes an appearance that we brush off as fantasy, but it really happened. He was a rational man not taken to such beliefs, I mean; he hadn’t a serious opinion one way or another. He was a good heart as was his wife. Then she died, quietly, and he was alone. They hadn’t slept together in years not for any reason but a small sacrifice for anything they’d done, might have done in the past that wasn’t the best decision, that could’ve been done better. I remember her saying how they’d decided and how they smiled at each other. Even at his age I think he might not have totally agreed with it but he loved her that much. It was ok. He didn’t sleep in his room so much these days. There was a very comfortable recliner in the living room right outside the room she’d chosen as her bedroom.


He said he was stirring that morning, the sun was blazing in through the windows and he began opening his eyes then realized she was standing there in a long white robe no less. She was looking around the room. He started and became fully awake as the recliner was snapped straight up into sitting position. He looked around but she was gone. I don’t remember if he’d said the living room wasn’t as bright, but the sun was still streaming through the windows.


His faced glowed whenever he told the tale. “I think she was checking to make sure I was keeping the place up. She’s keeping an eye on me. I’d better make sure I take care of things.” And he’d laugh.



Heart Aches


Up early listening to the breeze


Later it’ll be 80 degrees

No, I don’t have 80 degrees but the temperature

Aside I mean I have a few

Getting back in October no less I want it cool


Tired of hot


Not interesting yet

Hasn’t been cold so it’d be a treat

I groan as I snap the system on

Again AC


Midday the windows will be shut

Next day 90 is threatened

What’s wrong with that


Don’t wish to sweat through Halloween

“Boo I’ll take an iced tea”




Fall leaves swirling floating from trees

Raking burning smell crisp air

Hot apple cider takes the chill

Cinnamon stick warm sweater

Huddle smiling my breath I see

A new season signals change to be



Better yes

For now it’s just a dream