It Wasn’t THAT Long Ago


1976 meant the bicentennial and marriage. We drove to Disney World without a second thought – nor preparation for that matter – and parked at the Contemporary Resort. In we strolled. “Do you have a reservation?” “No.” “OK, we have a room…” Yes, we were able to get a room, paid $50, left our suitcases in elegance and caught the monorail to a world of wonder. At night there were spectacular fireworks to celebrate becoming… well, other stuff too.


I don’t think you can just pull in to Disney World nowadays and find a room without a reservation… for only 50 bucks.







Prompt: “…looking back, I remember…”


What do you remember about 1976?


100wcgu #186 (100 Word Challenge For GrownUps)








Well Muse you won’t let me sleep

So there’s something to write

Tell me


I’ve dragons to breed and eggs to hatch

Battles to compete

Food to grow and then to collect


Please not tonight


There is gold to gather and store

Any Scrooge would envy

Platinum too from an ancient world


Passing through time a cinch


Perhaps I’ll train for another skill

Just so much to do in a day

Up late I cannot stay


Was this the secret you will I reveal

Here comes a yawn

Now another one


Let me fade


Eyes water

Now they close

Hands still


Sleep tight I will