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What if I saved your life?

I went back to save his but it was for you

Effecting his, true

Over 100 years and you’re still here

Carrying this secret

I was able to go back and stop you

Change impulsive emotional state

How would I have changed time though?


To consider another fate


Would you have vanished from your hospital bed in front of her eyes?

Our friend the curator

After revealing what you’d done

Or would you not have lived here at all?

But elsewhere

Would you have left anyway but not changed your name?

No secrets to keep

A woman’s emotions beware


Let’s think


In a fit of passion you hated him

So unkind his words

Well not what you wanted to hear anyway

You shot him or would have

If your father missed with his pistol

Instead I stopped you

Alive he stayed

In my own time I would no longer remain


Or would I as old as you


What happens next?

Of this secret you’re free

Perhaps you just rested in peace

On your final day

As time changed you smiled

Exhaled relief

At the end of the movie it didn’t say

Maybe the book would give it away