What if I saved your life?

I went back to save his but it was for you

Effecting his, true

Over 100 years and you’re still here

Carrying this secret

I was able to go back and stop you

Change impulsive emotional state

How would I have changed time though?


To consider another fate


Would you have vanished from your hospital bed in front of her eyes?

Our friend the curator

After revealing what you’d done

Or would you not have lived here at all?

But elsewhere

Would you have left anyway but not changed your name?

No secrets to keep

A woman’s emotions beware


Let’s think


In a fit of passion you hated him

So unkind his words

Well not what you wanted to hear anyway

You shot him or would have

If your father missed with his pistol

Instead I stopped you

Alive he stayed

In my own time I would no longer remain


Or would I as old as you


What happens next?

Of this secret you’re free

Perhaps you just rested in peace

On your final day

As time changed you smiled

Exhaled relief

At the end of the movie it didn’t say

Maybe the book would give it away




Night Cap




Things that have occurred to me

On this day of reflection

Why did it turn out this way?

Can’t really say

That Descartes is an eternal nag

Reading his Meditations

Aren’t they supposed to be quiet?

Socrates can’t argue to save his life

I read over the Apology

It’s a good thing there were no guns then

Silence would have been golden

Plato could say

Or did he?




Read over father’s day wishes

Saw an interesting twist

For the one never there

Classic photographs with kids

Shots of clouds sigh

We’ll see you again

Speaking of which

Saw a movie today

About a big bad wolf

Targeting college students

Walked fine on hairy legs

Growled sarcasm too

Little pig little pig let me in


How’s that for a change


Watched Ocean’s 11 perfect crime

Leaving everyone deep in thought

Irony or a lesson taught

How to do it better next time

Have all those actors passed?

Midnight wanes on

Fatigue sets in

Just enough to settle down

Good night then



Simply Trippy




Visions from the corner of my eye

This way then that

Then vanished never there

A recurring dream, recurring at all different times

My friend it remains


I see


A far off place and a little man at my side

Surrounded by the rich the famous

Could this be?

We check into a room with quite a view

A place of such elegance good music good food

Plenty to do

They insist to be friends and an honor t’would but

We’re not rich

Certainly not known

By comparison below poverty is my home

Why talk to me

A wonderment most definitely


Little ones play as company surrounds

Not alone any more as company abounds

Weakened tired mind little man fades

Shall we head back?

Take a rest?

Catch a glimpse again

But now it’s trails on a chest

A chest of drawers, is something there

Look close they’re gone

Unsafe dread, wrong feeling grips

From where, from whence?

Get out now disrespect someone else

I command

Toy with another unkind like you

Little man I want around

Where is he?

No harm will come is most important to me

I see him close by my relief as I sighed


What they would want it just couldn’t be


But who?


It began to dissolve as heads dropped in shame

Those visions I see




Isn’t it?

Children stopped laughing images cleared away

Alone were we in an elegant place

Good music good food, plenty to do

On my guard I will keep us from deceit

Safe here at least

My concern, who’s the beast?