A Review Just ‘Cause

We watched the newest Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and who showed up, as far as I’m concerned the only part of the film that’s worthwhile, none other than Stiffler’s Mom. What role does she play? The babysitter who’s to watch Alvin, his brothers, and the human teenage boy who may very well become their stepbrother. Who does she acknowledge when she shows up to check in on the boys?

Let’s just say it ain’t the Chipmunks.




Thinking: Back Burners Of My Mind

Far Cornered Space Without Sun


Staring at the wall in early A.M.

Death trying to take my soul

Nah, I don’t think so


Get up, write, coffee, watch the day awake

But I feel strange… oh, feel that sun

Alive in some way – ha


I wish things could be accepting

I had thought this way

But at the end of the rope, no


I began with hope aplenty

Something will open up

There’s something there, somewhere


Who knew?

When things are falling apart

They’re really falling right into place


Saw it posted on one of those sites

I hope so; write back though doesn’t feel like always, no

Joy has left me in a far cornered space without sun


Like the poetics of that one, yeah

Not the pixie in the movie, moving on

She doesn’t realize thinking only one way


Where to now, St Peter, whoever, who’s left?

I feel worn as if I am done

Maybe done with that but more to come


You know it


Spoke with Grandma and my dearest friend

Yes communing, they’re dead people

I think of them and miss them




Don’t go on you yourself don’t miss family and friends

Who’ve passed …

Where will it end?


I hear we don’t really know

Too funny

I said, “Remind Him for me”


You know, the big “H”

A socio-spiritual moment

But who’s to say, and whose right the way


Maybe here’s a good place, or there’s

Though I’m the one needs reminding

In the far cornered space without sun


Yeah, I like that one


Defining Genuine


Relaxing, finally, at a genuine bakery with a New York staple – the buttered roll. What took her so long to find this place especially after all the times she’d walk by it over the past two years like she did yesterday no less! (Ok, a string of thoughts in the present, sitting here now.) It said bakery in the name. Thank goodness the light finally clicked on. “All those days pining for something that no other café offered, yet all the while this one did. All their sweet junk, gooey iced scones – blasphemy!” Of course the cappuccino was American size, a small soup bowl that beats a large coffee mug any day, too much milk, but it was good enough not to need sugar sprinkled over the top. “I do like the sugar…” Working her way through froth what Ruth could taste of the coffee wasn’t so bad. It sure wasn’t New York but it’d do.


“Take small things when they come around. The time! Better stop writing, got to get to work.”


She put the iPad away.

Much Ado About Editing


Should I Have Gone To Harvard, Caveat Emptor, Or Both?


One of the headlines of Yahoo News, you know that feed that runs along the page you click on ‘mail’ that takes you to your email login, yeah, right there, is going on yet again about useless degrees and wouldn’t you know mine are on the top of the list. I can’t tell you how tired I am hearing about how useless my degrees are – yes, that’s right, this isn’t the first time. What’s happening here? Are we now being directed to high paying fields, those precious few in demand, for the purpose of flooding them and then what? Is it a cheap-shot marketing stunt? Have the terrorists been at it all this time? They are such a nuisance; I’m so tired of them. Be that as it may or may not, this is how my education happened; you tell me if you think at any given moment in time I was doing something useless.


Once upon a time I thought I might go to college – someday. Now these were the times it was cool to drop out to prove your point concerning the ‘establishment’, but I’ve always liked school and thought I might go anyway possibly to become a teacher having been inspired by my 9th grade English instructor; I didn’t really know concretely just yet. The day finally came, later than I expected but still, that I was finally going to go back to school only now enough years had gone by that dropping out was a no and had become trendy bordering on in-demand to get a college education. I was in the medical profession by then and had taken my position as a nurse technician / med tech (CMT) as far as it could through certification. If I wanted to do anything else in my field I’d have to get licensure through education anyway, after all, no one gets promoted to doctor. I began my at-least-ten-year academic career majoring in Nursing figuring at the completion of a BSN continue graduate studies to become a Human Resources Administrator. Before my first semester was done I knew I didn’t have to have a degree in nursing to be in Human Resources, didn’t really want one anyway, in order to ‘pay-it-forward’ as the saying goes and take care of colleagues. After 10 years in the field I knew how to change the system, what needed improving, how to staff so medical professionals weren’t overworked beyond exhaustion – lots of stuff. My goal was to write new policy, procedure, pay scales, shifts and benefits. I would have been good.


When I changed my major I was told the best thing for me would be Philosophy, which requires a second major and if I chose Classics, especially with an emphasis in Latin, I’d still be in touch with the medical profession as pre-med, I’d also be pre-law, and pre-business, all three of which were part of being a medical professional, pre-education, pre-most everything else. It all sounded useful in that many doors would be open to me in the professional world and as a bonus I’d loved Latin since being introduced to it in 7th grade. As the year of graduation approached my hospital was taken over by the university I was attending. I called Human Resources to discover I no longer had employment options, the position I’d had was lost, the people who knew of my endeavors weren’t there anymore and I’d have to begin at square one. Having been in the business world, knowing how it changes, preparing contingency backup in the spirit of the unforeseen, I’d taken classes outside my degree programs, some of which had to do with Education, a good thing because square one wasn’t going to pan out.


After graduation I bounced around a year with hit-and-miss jobs, then decided to take my education the next step and study for a Masters. Online learning was coming into being, I saw value with being able to work and study so I spoke with an academic advisor about what I’d been doing, what I’d been studying, what I wanted to achieve, what my ultimate goal was and was told getting a Masters in Organizational Management, what I called business psychology, would tie in all that I’d done academically and in business and be useful for Human Resource Management opening doors to me for an array of employment possibilities. After 3 years I had an MAOM but Human Resource jobs weren’t as interested in me as I’d hoped. There were other requirements such as specific certifications in order to be employed that required additional education not included with what I’d done. Why wasn’t I told this from the beginning? These programs were available, in fact I found them at the university’s site after being refused employment because of my lack of certification and was dumbfounded at the specificity of how there were at least three options I could have taken and been certified employable. I felt duped on this one but the degree did tie in with what I had been studying and work experiences I’d had to a point but I was now left in a position accumulating jobs, one of which was teaching, was necessary in order to make an acceptable income. During this time I discovered those with business degrees were welcomed to teach especially abroad, so I took a break from studies, took a course in Rome to be certified to teach English all over Europe, Asia, et al which in the long run added to my education would make me highly marketable. Looks like I’m going to become a teacher after all and what I’d accomplished so far was right on, you know, useful.


Things were going fine in Europe. I wound up settling in Istanbul, the general plan for my life’s direction was unfolding nicely but I was detoured back to the states to be a grandma. When I got back the economic crisis was in play making the MBA all the rage for job opportunities and practically it did tie in with my education, past jobs, life experience and teaching. Before I’d left for Europe I’d begun an MBA to balance out the MAOM then decided to wait until the MAOM was done. It was to my benefit to have an MBA class under my belt plus a professional degree. Classes were applied to my degree program, required credit hours were adjusted thanks to been there – done that, and in a couple of years I had the MBA. I breathed potential of being involved with a new profession; I knew change for the good was in the air. I had confidence businesses would want me but that’s not how it panned out.




Philosophy / Classics, Latin notwithstanding but sadly included in Arts and Science, according to Business Insider are useless degrees, Human Resources and Personnel Development (there goes my MAOM – no one cares I wanted to run a hospital) is a useless profession, and last but not least the kicker: an MBA is invaluable for the business edge DEPENDING on what college you attended. Harvard being the Holy Grail ivy notwithstanding, the private college I attended isn’t even a typo on the list. Let’s see, 4 years undergraduate study double major giving me 2 BAs, 3 years first Masters, 2 years second Masters equals 9 years of useless study and 4 useless degrees that can’t even be applied toward a useless profession.

Believe it or not, and I know Ripley’s wouldn’t be interested, I’d begun a Ph.D. program recently I was thoroughly enjoying, felt I should drop the class until the finance department got its act together and my student aid straightened out during which time I discovered several distasteful things about the university, decided not to continue with them – imagine blowing smoke about how much aid they were going to pay that didn’t jive with notifications of what I would receive – and to date haven’t found a place worth its salt in education. Have I learned something or have I just grown too old to have patience for inexperienced instructors, apathetic tenures, students without a clue I could train working in university offices who want to have a pissing contest with me over who’s the smartest, universities trying to sell me a useless degree, or all of the above?


Coming to you live from limbo? Nah, I’m standing securely in mid-air waiting for the next trapeze to swing in my direction.



Saturday’s Child, Fire Blasters, Mighty Hammers







I feel warm


I think bean burritos today

Fresh cilantro chopped

Onion, olive oil

Don’t forget refried beans

Wrapped in a soft shell

Feeling warmer sensing the smells

Watching a movie

Four shots in

Might make another pot

Cappuccinos win

Hot cocoa for him in a demitasse cup

Cornbread from the oven

That we’ve already had

Been up since 5

Him around 6

Maybe later snow bricks if accumulates enough

A martini, cocktail onion, no ice


(Later while he sleeps)


And you, how’s your day

Donkey Kong battle soon

Talk later





Clarity Is A Form


Let’s discuss this

Just like grownups

I’ve something to say

It’s on the tip of my tongue

You know that hiding place

Laaaaa… see…

Wha duhh ih sa… ?


Resolutions to consider

You know

I like being me

I know who I am

I finally understand

Some things


Each day is new

I observe, participate


Celebrate each breath

Ponder if it’s my best

Health conscious

Life is for living


To the full it’s true


Foot forward

Goodnight fear

So this time next year

All the others too

The only thing I must do

Is write the correct date

On a check, papers, application…






100 Word Challenge For Grownups


Prompt: “…this time next year…”

Checking The Thesaurus: Another Word For Muse Noun Or Verb – Decision’s Yours



Well hello

Three fifty-two is no hour to wake

But it won’t let me sleep

Even the movie I chose to lull me back

Can’t win

It’s been a while but that’s alright

It’ll have its audience

So I type, I write


Four cents in royalty

Well what do you call that!

Thank-you for reading

The expression goes

“I wouldn’t give you a nickel”

I’ve won then

I’ve won it today


A few days ago when it posted


A yawn

A good sign

I’ll put the movie back in soon

Maybe catch another hour

I do love this time

And the peace of the night

Technically morning

Accurately so



Hearing odd sounds

I’ll get up to see

BRB as it goes

I hope

An emoticon of concern I’d insert

I’m back (baaa-ack)

The house is settling it seems to be

Esse quam videre

To be rather than seem


Now I want to buy more Latin books

Brush up on vocabulary

Time to get back to school


Hey! I bought a pair of PJs at Vicky’s

Black top, pants with pink champagne flutes

Look at the time

Should try to catch a wink

One ought to do


Nice taking to you


New Year Resolution



Heart perfectly broken

Is it his or mine

Pain intense

To be sublime

So strong

I can’t define

It’s origin

Knees unsteady

Breath weak

I could collapse

From passion no

Wouldn’t help what hurts

Could we go back where we were

No sense of time


Everything ok

New York

Could we stay?

I don’t want to feel again

How we do today