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The Day After


Looking up ‘bubble and squeak’ I found it was an old favorite mom’d called hash: veggies, meat, sautéed and held together with mashed potatoes. Bacon used as seasoning always made points in my books, and with dad having British somewhere in his lineage it made sense. He’d married an Italian, and although I was raised in Italian culture there was never a lack of variety when it came to eating.


We’d arrived the 26th and found the living room in the warmth of Christmas past disarray. The crumpled paper and tinsel meant celebrating wasn’t over yet as visions of leftovers began dancing in my head…






Christmas Day? Pah! 100 WCGU – Week#178




The Prompt – “… the crumpled paper and tinsel meant…”






I’m a self-published author of two books, a blogger, grandma, mom, auntie and friend... I’m also a TEFL instructor, have lived in a few other countries besides the US. I love walking, cooking, reading, traveling, teaching, learning, language, movies, vampires, mummies, zombies, other assorted creatures of the night, science fiction, romance, action, adventure, classics, Latin, Soave, Chianti, D’Abruzzo, Ouzo, Sambuca, Bulleit Bourbon, Plato, the ocean and tanning.

3 thoughts on “The Day After

    1. The only time I’d heard bubble and squeak was in the movie “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” – a child was talking about foods he and his siblings eat and it sounded like he was saying bubble and squid. I wondered as the reply was “you won’t find any fried foods here.”

      I think most things were named so we’d understand what it was. Of course it’s always interesting to learn what something is and you’ve been eating it all along. I’ve been finding out about several veggies lately, new to me I thought but not really; mom had cut them up in salads (collard greens, radish greens, kale) when we were kids, salads being an integral part of an Italian meal.She was forever sneaking health up on us! “Oh yeah… I used to put them in…”

      Well, how about that…


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