Forgot To Add Espresso To The Froth


“I’m loco for staying”, Moon thought. She cursed her hippie parents for her name. Had she really expected him to change? She figured she was loco for her idealism. Her thinking – their fault hands down. “Loco, yoko, yahtzee! Yoko!” She remembered reading something about how John met her at an exhibit where people came up and cut off pieces of her clothing, but SHE saw… she had to admit, its logic. “That loco landed her a billionaire boyfriend, granted, later murdered.” Moon laughed out loud as she brushed the vision of holding that same kind of exhibit right out of her mind.




The prompt is:

 …but SHE saw…



100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups = Week#170



Sunshine On My Shoulders


The alarm rang at 5:30 a.m. “Just one minute more, no, might sleep too long.” She dozed opening her eyes at 6. “A real fix… 30 minutes to get out… I’m tired, no coffee today.” She stopped back at the café for her second cup in the afternoon. “One shot instead of three, much better. No burning sensation. Don’t need it to stay awake. I just like it, I do.” Her thoughts interrupted by a clanging… bell… gong… then, in the middle of the noise she shot straight up in bed. Grabbing the clock with a half-numbed hand she squinted at its face. It was 5:30.




Prompt: “…then, in the middle of the noise…”

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#169


Kiss The Cook

Myas: The Other Mistress Of The Dark

She stirred her brew

And it started to stew

She sang to all children

Come hither please do

I’ve a present for you

No need to nibble like a mouse

Come to the door

One sip, no more

You’ll want not to leave

Your company I crave

Her stomach rumbled

A sigh she gave

The fragrance rose

It smelled so sweet

Billowed pretty in pink

Turned the chimney too

The stirring she stopped

Sat back and she rocked

Sharp smile and waited

No more to do

The rest up to you

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#168

The Prompt:

100-Word Challenge For Grown-Ups


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