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Cliffhanger: Incisors Closing In

Myas: The Other Mistress Of The Dark

As the incisors closed in he shut his eyes in a shudder and opened his mouth to scream. There was no sound other than a guttural croak in his throat.

He’d passed out he’d thought but as he came-to felt coolness all around. Trembling he squinted first, but things were different, then opened his eyes. “What’s this? Am I Gulliver? What the…”

She had her door open again. Today was cooler than yesterday sending a delicious breeze throughout. Taking it in with a deep breath she heard a weak croak, and another, and another. Looking down she saw the smallest of toads nestled, trapped, in the corner of the patio’s sliding doors. Unusual it was with a red patch above its eye. It reminded her of the man who’d entered yesterday; he had a red streak in his hair. Sliding the screen door open she shoed it out with a…

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