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Before Midnight US Time



She was determined to get everything unpacked before tomorrow; after all, there wasn’t much. Having lived in a single room there was no furniture to speak of just more junk than anything else. Exhausted yet undaunted she opened a box of desk odds and ends finding the second toothpick holder. “So there you are… how’d you wind up here?” Chuckling she put it aside. She turned to move the collection of office supplies closer to the desk then reached. “Where… where is it?” She turned, turned around, put on the light but found no sign of the cylindrical holder. “Huh, but it was there just a moment ago.”





This week’s prompt:

“… but it was there just a moment ago…”


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#163




I’m a self-published author of two books, a blogger, grandma, mom, auntie and friend... I’m also a TEFL instructor, have lived in a few other countries besides the US. I love walking, cooking, reading, traveling, teaching, learning, language, movies, vampires, mummies, zombies, other assorted creatures of the night, science fiction, romance, action, adventure, classics, Latin, Soave, Chianti, D’Abruzzo, Ouzo, Sambuca, Bulleit Bourbon, Plato, the ocean and tanning.

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