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Dark Velvet Musk


He was a dancer

I remember

He walked out

Body painted in colors that glowed

In scattered spotlights

He carried something small

A silver object

To a spot on the floor

Opened then lit




He moved around

He stilled

He conjured that I could tell

To mystical music

Where star-stream fingers reached

Down my back, my waist

Surrounded spectators all

His body swayed more

Gyrations, no trance

He stilled his full length

Standing tall, stepped over

As a flame stretched high

Long tongue licked caressing his jeweled prize


My claws extended

My smile increased

Exposing elongated teeth

Venom dripped

I didn’t muster a swipe

As a woman standing in my shoes shouted

Demanded in a scream he

“Burn them off!”

Deep, rich

She chortled such glee

Turning his head

He danced toward her

Toward me


But I won’t give in

Nothing I’ll leave

I need more than this

Is that all there is?

What’s in a name?

Ultimate Fantasy they stake claim one and all

Dare you boast such fame?

I grinned

Elongated bared again

Blood and venom

Lips full to bursting

My smile won’t quit

Maybe later we’ll see




I’m a self-published author, blogger, grandma, mom, auntie and friend... I’m also a TEFL instructor, have lived in a few other countries besides the US. I love walking, cooking, reading, traveling, teaching, learning, language, movies, vampires, mummies, zombies, other assorted creatures of the night, science fiction, romance, action, adventure, classics, Latin, Soave, Chianti, D’Abruzzo, Ouzo, Sambuca, Bulleit Bourbon, Plato, the ocean and tanning.

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