Zen Or The History Thereof


Create a document it said. Just give me a blank one she thought. Look at all those choices. Yeah just a blank one.


And so it remains.


Not Again!


The house began to twitch

Became a pile of sticks

The wind no friend

To help it mend

But brought it to its end

An unhealthy situation


All there my friend


They should have known

Why did they build

The house right there

In that same spot

Hadn’t anyone learned

Well I guess not


The house began to twitch…




not Again Kansas


The Prompt: A photograph taken by Thomas Zimmerman – Grinnell, Kansas City on 27th May.


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#156





Maybe A Margarita


As time passes

What do I think?

Nothing much

Is life on the brink?

The brink of what I say

One foot in the grave

The other with a banana peel in the way


Not at all


Feeling it, no

I look at this after a couple days

And think nothing yet

So I’ll leave it sit

Maybe tomorrow

Some thoughts come through

The word count 65


Enough yet


To keep it alive

Space to reach 100 still

One way or another I will

Check again for fun

14 left

As time passed by

I did give it a try





100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#155

The prompt this go round: … “as time passes”…

I Was Listening To Frank


All the things I could be

All my choices from life that tree

Pick a plum and see


I reached yes I did

I picked the fruit

But it withered and turned to dust


Yet I picked again never doubting a minute

It shriveled once more

Undaunted I chose


Again and again

My tree of life bloomed

More opportunity to choose


Here I am

It’s Autumn for me that age

My heart carries on still young


Yet life still blooms

I pick another plum

Will this be the one?


Though some weren’t for me

With this one we’ll see

Through struggle sometimes pain


What’s left in store





Tornado today

Who knew?

I heard a bzz-bzz-bzz coming from a source

Which one?

I say in passing

Our cells comes the reply

We have a warning I ask


There the sirens go




The complex manager calls

Come to the shelter

We have a shelter she asks

A quick description

Get your asses down the retort

Ok then

Grab the raincoats

But I don’t have one as rain pelts

On the list to do


I will


A Lightening McQueen umbrella

This small

Get a real pair of shoes no flip-flops

She growls

I look, take the cell, the iPad

Should I grab any more?

Hasn’t touched down on us yet

But five miles out

I breathe a prayer of protection


Over the laptop


Move it from the window to a safe spot

Watch over the power cords amen

Do we have keys I say voice clear


Ok we’re out

We walk in the rain

Our landlady scowls

Get in hurry up

Yes Ma’am


A room full of people

Many no shoes

All with cells watching the storm

What does the radar say?

As the second siren sounds

More people come

Watch until six as the Tablet comes out

And a child plays

Snacks passed around


Good thinking – ok


Jokes about Twister

No need for concern or worry

Strap yourself to a pipe

After running through farm knifes

Used for hacking

The Tornado lifts legs easy now

All appendages stay

As you look up the center swirl

Wow, get a load of that


Laughter while we wait


Now it’s taken a turn


That’s moving away over there

We get up to get going

The storm’s passed

We wander back

Get into cars check on those we like

Go get the mail

The dishwasher started


The laundry too


Though first I wanted to put down a few words

So inspired that I was

For you

How’s your Saturday so far?

I’m getting back to my movie

Lie down and chill

Get a bottle of water

I bought earlier today

When the sun shone


Good thing we cancelled the carwash

Raise those funds a less volatile day


I Was Just Up Early


Dead tired from the heat

I passed out

After the salad of my dreams

I concocted as I walked

And an ice cold Martini

With an onion, no olive

To my grandfather, ‘salute!’

I miss you

Rest in Peace


Out came the bedroll

After brushing my teeth

And a wet rag on my face

Wipe perspiration sweat away

Refreshed enough

Turn on a classic

Bing and Frank

Louie and Grace

Celeste too


Scuffle between mother and son

Let him finish it tomorrow mumbling fade

She agreed crankily

Opened eyes heard his breathing

The time no one knew

Darkness wrapped its arms

Away I sink

Just before dawn

I wake


Here I sit in a silence almost deafening

When air conditioning doesn’t kick in

It’s been a while since we’ve been together

Old friend peace

And we’ve written about nothing at all

Really, nothing

Before the start of the day

Will I lie back and give the alarm a chance

No pressing tasks to do not yet – couldn’t say


Overcome I yawn

Thoughts fade away


Separated And In Love

Franco started to spend more and more time at the apartment. When I would come home in the evenings it was dark, quiet like no one was there, but then he’d burst out of her room in a hurry to get his beloved a sandwich before the bars all closed. Beatriz would just lounge in bed waiting. Sometimes he’d pass me at the metro, leaping, bounding down escalator stairs, determined, the passionate lover on his mission. He’d notice me and shoot a helpless, “you know she always asks for a sandwich at the worst time” look. I’d nod back acknowledgeing his plight with a kindly sardonic, “you poor guy” look while I couldn’t help wondering about their relationship. When I’d return home after a morning of teaching the two of them’d just be getting up walking around in their bathrobes. Smoking was confined to the bedroom although the smell was now stronger telling me he was there. “Well, as long as they keep it in the bedroom”. Nope, not going to happen.