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That Greek Story


           “She closed the book, placed it on the table and finally decided to walk through the door.”


That was the prompt. The thing was what to do with it. Should it be a dirge, delicious, possibly a potential fatal attraction? Maybe the absurd…


“Forgetting there was no back deck because of remodeling, she unlocked the door and stepped through unfinished slats falling face first in the mud, kissing the corner of a rock with the side of her head. Stars flashed bright white. She came-to from a gentle nudge… nudge… nudge, “hey… hey… hello there… hey”. Leaning over her was a T-Rex with long arms; or that’s what she thought she saw. He smiled with a lot of teeth too close for comfort that were very white. “I’m your neighbor Cole. Are you ok?” “Huh?” Still a little too stunned by the fall she slurred, “You talk… y-yh-hhh… yhoo tahl… k.” Her eyes rolled back, her body went momentarily limp and she dreamt of falling in and into darkness, like an uncomfortable slumber taking hold. Her body jerked suddenly, eyes opened with a start as she became aware she was on the ground staring up at a t-shirt from the local museum with a smiling T-Rex on the chest.”


Made that way for the sake of any kids who might visit. Sensible, they’re extinct – no threat.


“The long, very well toned arms holding her were attached to something else, well, someone else. Raising her eyes, her stupor began to clear with the realization they belonged to her neighbor, the very man she’d arranged her lunch schedule around to watch work out in the gym through a picture window facing her office. In fact, most of the building front was glass.”


Loved that architectural design. Now she was alert.


“Adolescent glee shot through every crevice of her body as she instantly, silently ordained it might just take her a while to get back on her feet; how long could be negotiable or better yet, it wouldn’t be. “Could life get much better than this” sent a thrill through every single facet of her being as he offered to help her get cleaned up and take her to the E.R. if she needed it. He wrapped her arm around his neck as he put his around her back, lifting her up for support, which couldn’t stop her knees from buckling not so much from the fall but from the sheer pleasure of his touch, his smell, being glued against the side of his body, his everything.

Sometime during all this the back door had drifted closed locked. Undaunted he didn’t stumble as she shakily hobbled with him around her house to the front door, which had been left unlocked. Before she could lament the possibility he might have walked her into his otherwise, “Look, I hope you don’t mind, but…” and he gallantly swept her into his arms carrying her inside.

She tingled to the roots of her hair. Her inner Psyche smiled large and she knew now it was going to get good.”