The Back Burner Of My Mind


Staring at the wall

Death trying to take my soul


I don’t think so


I wish things could be accepting

Yet at the end of the rope


I began with hope at least


A-plenty, something will open up

There’s something there, somewhere


Who knew?


When things are falling apart

They’re really falling right into place


Saw it posted on one of those sites


I hope so; write it back though it doesn’t feel like it, no

Joy has left me in a far cornered space without sun


Like the poetics of that one


Where to now

I feel worn as if I am done


Not yet


Spoke with Grandma and my dearest friend

Yes communing, they’re dead people


Where will it end?


Too funny

I said, “Remind Him for me”


Maybe here’s a good place


Though I’m the one needs reminding

Far cornered space without sun


Yeah, I like that one




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