Like Grizzlies That Wake


In April it rains

Rivers flow, come alive

So do drains curbside

Rubber boot sales increase

Retail rejoices

In the practicality of

Designer styles that abound

Complement the wardrobe

If gaudy lends compliment

In its action alone

Walking, trudge-slosh along


Well, your feet are dry


Unless you’re a child

Versus puddles deep

Might not survive, still

The final argument with winter

April brings

Snow may weigh lilacs

One last time

Go ahead go outside

Wear your boots snap a shot

As the sun rises, shines

Warmth in the air it melts away


Winter’s destiny sealed to lose this fight



This week’s prompt is:




No Title Yet

“She sat in the café taking a break from reading. Watching the clock and checking the iPad Mini Trudy knew she’d have to get back to work soon. There was enough time though for another coffee so far resisting temptation to order food; after all there was plenty in the fridge and if she didn’t get to it she’d get to throw it away. Hard choices…”

What’s My Line



“I know who you are”


“Yes, you were in that movie!”

“What movie?”


He told me the name of the movie. When I realized what he was talking about I mentioned the actress.


“You think I’m her.”

“Yes! It’s you!”

“I’m not her.”


He became serious, and nodded. He just knew he knew my secret and I wanted to keep it that way so I could enjoy my visit in peace. (We’d been discussing the view and the Eye) I knew he’d tell his friends he’d met an actress no matter what I said.





The Prompt: a sculpture that can be seen at Cardiff Bay in Wales.


Sybils: Voices Of The Gods


All seven were just arguing amongst themselves. Their behaviors oddly familiar from Skilled Nursing / Adult Psych medical days… and somewhere else. It wasn’t long though before they began to read like textbooks, and then with an ample measure of dismay, it hit me. Although I’d come across patients on the unit suffering from this time to time, the last alcoholic I had to seriously deal with I’d been married to: my second, or was it third, eh, who’s counting, ex-husband. Just terrific. My, or better, an ex in drag.

I gruesomely pondered who had dropped dead and had now joined the conversation fueled by Rioja.





The prompt is:

 …all seven were just arguing amongst themselves…


Much Ado


But it’s already begun

You see, I’ve written this one

More than once as a fact


Sit back


‘And So It Begins’ written on a whim

Two sentences, or maybe three

The sequel followed soon

‘And So It Begins’ 2, Cabin Fever

With something to do


Then there was the woman

Abilities simmer bubble-bubble

Woke her husband’s eternal sleep

(Pssst, he was a creep)

House and yard work from him before he blew


Turned into fall leaves then

It’s true

I’ll sit this one out though enjoyable it be

Next prompt anticipate looking forward to

Enjoy the weekend one and all







So, the prompt this time is:

…and so it begins…



The Back Burner Of My Mind


Staring at the wall

Death trying to take my soul


I don’t think so


I wish things could be accepting

Yet at the end of the rope


I began with hope at least


A-plenty, something will open up

There’s something there, somewhere


Who knew?


When things are falling apart

They’re really falling right into place


Saw it posted on one of those sites


I hope so; write it back though it doesn’t feel like it, no

Joy has left me in a far cornered space without sun


Like the poetics of that one


Where to now

I feel worn as if I am done


Not yet


Spoke with Grandma and my dearest friend

Yes communing, they’re dead people


Where will it end?


Too funny

I said, “Remind Him for me”


Maybe here’s a good place


Though I’m the one needs reminding

Far cornered space without sun


Yeah, I like that one