Challenges For Grown-Ups


“Freedom is a word I rarely use without thinking” played through her mind like it was only yesterday. Her thoughts drifted to that strange email.


A man had contacted her claiming to be an attorney. Someone who’d just passed had her last name, same spelling; this could be her inheritance. She had no relatives there; it was an ex-married name she explained. He insisted it was 15 million, 600,000 could be hers. She mused about who got the rest.

There’d be an interview but no way was she about to lie to a bank.


“Could’ve been an international thief. Hmmm… No.”





“The prompt for your 100 Words is:




5 thoughts on “Challenges For Grown-Ups

    1. Ahhh, but in fairness to the ‘other side’ -like cigarettes were glamorized years ago, wouldn’t it have been intriguing, sophisticated and of the highest class to become an international thief, renowned like David Niven and the Pink Panther… to meet Clouseau 🙂


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