Should I Be So Inspired


I’ll keep you close at hand

As I watch the video at the desk




A couple times I thought “That’s how it’s done”


“Opposites, I see”

I was at such a state of peace nodding “I agree”

And then I smiled occurring to me

I wasn’t even at a place I could be confused

He was speaking English


The one thing with certainty I knew




The prompt this week: you have to 100 words to add to these four – 

…and then I smiled…



Challenges For Grown-Ups


“Freedom is a word I rarely use without thinking” played through her mind like it was only yesterday. Her thoughts drifted to that strange email.


A man had contacted her claiming to be an attorney. Someone who’d just passed had her last name, same spelling; this could be her inheritance. She had no relatives there; it was an ex-married name she explained. He insisted it was 15 million, 600,000 could be hers. She mused about who got the rest.

There’d be an interview but no way was she about to lie to a bank.


“Could’ve been an international thief. Hmmm… No.”





“The prompt for your 100 Words is:



60, 64 Years On


Sloshy, my sloshy

Dear sloshy I say

Why are you hanging around


Flapping, slapping

On my hips today

I’ve been good

Eating healthy

Avoid water-retain chips

No soda, no coffee

Have passed through these lips

With exercise I’m faithful

And an apple a day

So sloshy, my slosh

I ask

Please go away

And stay




Those I’ll Keep



As I put the decorations away I

Separated out what I’d bought

This time around

These I’ll keep

Tinsel, new garland

Draping into a box surround

A Santa in a basket made

When my son was a boy

Kindergarten I believe

An odd-shaped Santa statue from abroad

A gift from students, snowman too

I recall thinking “is this how you see me”

Jolly, round, rosy cheeks

A glass high-heel, no tradition there

Not my favorite one

But my daughter written all over it

Cinderella slipper-ornament has become

As I put the decorations away I

Gently pressed the lid

Till next year

My next year


For now we begin






The first prompt for 2015 is:


… As I put the decorations away I



Auld Lang Syne – Not


The beautiful mother wasn’t so long ago

Smiling down at her infants

Such a gift to know

Come round again

As a little one sleeps under salt lamp aglow

“I love you”, “I love you” they echo tones low

Drifting off on the New Year, first day

364 to go


In the kitchen quiet, stealth

Shrimp cocktail, chowder heats

She sits on the carpet, soft, plush

Near breathing gentle, at peace

Eyes drift to the screen

A movie plays, Part 2

Volume only she can hear

Little one sleeps right through


Sparkling wine

Now’s the time

Happy New Year to you