Here I sit not lonely one bit

In a classroom so scholarly

Near students so quiet academically strong

How easy we all get along


Where’ve you been all my life

I just love lack of strife

Staying focused on lessons causing me to relax

Then kick up my heels shout hooray




Another teacher too

A student like you but higher a grade by far

She can lead where you need

Guide you where you should be easily


Peaceful and quiet there’s not much to say

In a microscopic whisper celebration ensues

No one’s even asked my name but I don’t mind anyway

As I’m writing these words to you


Dancing around the room I can see very clear

Clicking heels in a leap I dance between seats

Grab the fan swing around

Shooting stars from my feet


Well, at least I can enjoy the peace

They don’t know what runs through my mind on this day

As they read handing in their filled sheets

I see one staring out oh no is she bored


I mouth ‘are you finished’ and she looks, “say what”

It keeps getting better from here

To my surprise another teacher, a tutor graces our day

One more that makes four to keep chit-chat away


So we think yet these don’t seems to be that way.


Through plan time we chat, ok to do that

Get to know each other for a change

Sharing a classroom in common’s enough

At the days’s end well might see you you again


Good luck wishes for life we both say

As others have gone on their way this is how it should be

We wander between desks gathering odds and ends left

Have a good weekend, you too


Think that’s just what I’ll do