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Still Life

Teaching today, the 3rd floor for me

Organizing thoughts and assignments

But as I gaze out the window so absentmindedly I see the sea

And a ship floating

What kind of ship?

Immobile, stationary (not like what I’m writing on but in stillness)

My heart leaps “it can’t be!”

Only a trick my eyes played (are playing)

Lights to a stadium reaching the sky not quite touching the clouds

Rain clouds pass by

Framed by the trees

Back to reality

A ferry in a place no sea can be found


There goes the bell

Here ends thought provoking, profound


Twenty minutes later the bell rings again that homeroom will end

And students head on their way and so begin their day

I look out the window

What do I see?

Two posts, rows of floodlights staring back at me

Smog as a backdrop

Through the cold light of day