Brought Together From The Cuff

Well, I began at the bottom with the prompt then added a link. Seeing it’s a laptop different than what I normally use being in school waiting as my student participates in music class, I thought I’d try inserting media, the 100 Words for Grownups logo.

So far so good.

Because it’s a PC and not a Mac, I may have to count these words by hand if I can’t figure out how-to otherwise.

Unified, utilized, a union of words, beginning at the end speaking of which it may just be.




“the prompt this week is:






As the waves gently lapped

I see

Silver foam fingers reaching

Drawing me

From sand and the blanket I lay

They beckon


Cool down, come hither


I sit up, I consider

As the sun grips my shoulders

I let imagination run

Creative relaxation

Could be fun



If a whale swallowed me whole

Could I be Gepetto and survive?

Or maybe Jonah reborn?

Will someone slit the belly?

So I’m released

Contingent if it’s beached


Shouldn’t Pinocchio be included in the rhyme?



The Sandman at my side

I stretched back in the sun

Breath matching the tide

Until it pulls away

Right here I stay




your prompt this week is:

… as the waves gently lapped I ….



TeenAge: Disgruntled Again


Disgruntled youth once again

As I tell him the score

What’s in store?

You must do school work

I don’t want to says he

But you’re in school I chuckle silently


Anger and stomping reminiscent of two

Can I see this teacher?

Can I see that one?

Look, get settled into school work you see

Yes, that’s what she’ll do he says finally

He sits and is quiet


Could happen it’s true


Yet a young lady in the back

Thinks she’s the one to undo

No discipline for her

As she laments her state

Watching youtube

The volume up too


But an administrator comes

The door’s right behind

Not the cleverest mind

Privilege revoked

Books only now rule

That’s the way it is


ISS or not, it’s school




Teenage Days


He enters angry, his head down

No smile

Scowling frown

“Excuse me”, I say

“Is this your name?”

But he doesn’t speak

“Yoo-hoo, hello, I’d like to know

I’m the teacher you see

Whatever you did

Now your time’s with me

And your fellows beside”

He keeps his head down

He won’t reply

I chuckle deep

“Well, I guess this is you”

As I check his name

“You’re the one they called said

He’s coming, be prepared”

No reason to fear

Nor be scared


“Do you think it’s funny!”

He snaps, grrr, grr

“What happened to you?


But I didn’t do it

You did something

That sent you my way

All I do is make comfortable your stay

Though inconvenient it be


I’m laid back you see”

He softens some

Reason is sound

An administrator comes

He loses his ground


His calm is gone

He makes a demand

To call his father

“I want my Dad!”

“OK, come on

To the office

We’re gone”

She takes him away

Backpack and all

Never to return

So sad, so true

Hope his weekend pans out

As we left the room early

For better things to do

At the close of day

And went our separate ways


Bless accursed teenage

You never know

How reaction will go

When it puts on its show


Hips, Haws, And Harrumphs


The hips and haws signal

Summer’s gone

Fall and early winter are in play

We sleep now


As Persephone returns to the Underworld

Prepare yourself

Take heart

Soon enough it’s spring

Life returns

It never leaves


What the cycle brings



Cozy by the hearth

Bundle up stay warm

Watch safe from a window

Should winter early storm

Enjoy one final harvest

Welcome early frost

There’s warmth underneath

Where foliage sleeps

The heart it has no bounds

Listen to the silent snow

Watch flakes swirl around


“The prompt this week is:


… the hips and haws signal …”