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Saying Good Morning While Going Sub-Atomic At March’s End 2017 Or Saying Good Morning And Philosophy As The Devil, Date Remains


Can I have both within logical parameters?


A new year with resolution and purpose, I think it still is. Haven’t lost determination and what I’d like to accomplish. That being said,


Did you know way back when I was an undergraduate I’d embarked on writing a dictionary beginning with O probably because for some strange reason I was thinking of an old porn movie or that wasn’t it at all. It would never have, actually will never get published not because I need a publisher but with those few words I began with I realized as I keep/kept (this is why I’ve always preferred the Perfect Tense in Latin – it is past but represents an action that’s still alive unlike simple past that cuts everything off as a door nailed shut) defining things I’ll never get finished. There’s always something to define, always the next thought. Then it’s not in alphabetical order. So after defining things to infinity which means I’ll be defining in the next life when this one’s through and, when it’s put in alphabetical order it won’t follow my thought and purpose for why I’m defining these things and I’ll be creating chaos with unconnected words with no purpose for meaning the greater good having been lost.


Let me show you.



A Dictionary Beginning With O


Orgy – functionalistic state of multiple realizabilities


Functionalistic – having a purpose physical/mental, mind/mental, physical/mind, mental/mind, physical/physical, mental/mental, mind/mind, unless serving a purpose: ibid and resulting in purpose


State – condition individual and collective, an entity comprised of people inhabiting a specific physical area in nature as in a geologic location, and entity comprised of people of similar mind, an entity comprised of people of similar physical condition, a condition comprised of people who are joined in similar mind, a condition of people disjoined in dissimilar mind resulting in chaos


Realizabilities – inherent natures of people to translate perception to the objective, natural analysis of form (real: genuine/true, eyes: instruments of perception, able: possibility)


Multiple – more than one representation, image, intuition, action (imago, imitatio, admonere) similar to:

Juxtaposition – an alignment (just suppose) using a:

Quantified Variable – the nature of substantial flexibility, of being, versatile integration


Integration – a condition of integrity



You get the picture. I could go on and on. With each word of each definition I keep defining, as more cultures add to language meaning changes, definition is added, as a writer job security never ends, and as a student of philosophy I always have something to talk about.




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Well, I thought I’d write but we both got sick with temps over 100o, went to sleep early, but the night was restless with hallucinating dreams – you know how it is with a fever even slight and the mind can’t rest – then he woke close to 8, I was up around 5:30, and things had to be done, rinse a mouth that felt sticky with an old fashioned remedy, then medicine given, then being made comfortable then temps taken again, then… then… then… three times I attempted hot espresso, found soothing things for a scratchy throat and now it’s way past dawn, in fact it’s mid morning but by the time I’d thought to add that it’d become after noon. Did have hazelnut hot cocoa… mm… very good.


Maybe tomorrow… I’ll shoot for that.



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What Inspires



Inspirationless not

At peace is what it is

And I understand why

When dirges stop

It’s necessary to have a clothing line


Or something else to fall back on


But I’m not that kind of famous

So what will I do?

Guess I’ll keep writing

Through hell, high water

Peace on earth


For what it’s worth


The dryer just stopped

Those clothes I’ll get

Espresso by my side

Grandson in view

Sun shining through though rain was predicted


What do they know?

As they say

I’m not worried

Did I tell you I finally ended the dragon game?

What a bust


Guess it wasn’t prepared for the level I’d gained

Or winning all leagues

What can I say?

There’s none like me

Really for that matter like you


Lazy Saturday

Can’t go wrong

Hey think I still have cartoons

On a VHS tape

Means I still have a player


Saturday can’t get better



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Sunday Is For Vampire But It’s Monday In The Month Of March 2017



I overslept which comically means until 6a.m. Had turned off the alarm Friday so as not to wake my grandson while I showered and forgot to turn it back on. Glad I’m wise enough to check the time just for nothing if we can call that maneuver wise. It would’ve been a shock to wake when it was daylight. I did watch vampire movies Sunday but began with the latest Godzilla, discovering he’s the old fashioned one with the heart of gold who fights the other bad-guy mutations. It’s not his fault he’s so big he can’t avoid stomping buildings. Good to see Japan getting pummeled like it used to although the fight was brought to San Francisco for a bit then he swam away as the sun rose.


Nice touch.

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Remember The Tingler


Why is my arm tingly though I’m awake

Come back to me stop hurting

I’m moving you’re circulating, gee whiz

Or you should be

I hate this feeling

Small load of laundry on

Wee hours rate’s the best

Favorite show’s not available yet

Someone slammed a door across the hall

Or was it downstairs

Shook the whole place

Washed a few dishes

That helped get my arm back

Well my fingers anyway

They’re the problem

The first three

Feels better


Dry hands

Where’s the lotion



You know it

I’ll get there

Right now I’m here



Wash has finished

Guess now’s the time

Hang this and that

The rest in the dryer

And coffee is mine


Coffee’s on




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Walking Along


Walking along I came to the end of a rainbow. “Well damn!” I thought surprised though there should be a pot of gold, well; at least in all the stories I’d read. “Isn’t there supposed to be a pot of gold, and King Brian, where’s King Brian?” He stood taller than me, had he been by the tree I wasn’t sure but strong built, a non-threatening air and welcome said his grin. I looked up at him into smiling eyes. They did, well, they were. I couldn’t help thinking, “fuck me it’s true; he’s taller than I tho…”


I stirred and saw he was sitting lighting his pipe. With a leg extended he gave a kick. A jingle sounded like coins falling on the ground. So distracted by his eyes he tilted his head, I followed his gaze and looked. It was a small pot but not a cauldron, nothing for brew… well, not that kind. His arm around me gently pulled me close in, “well now it has been quite a night…”



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In A Life Of Strife Why Do I Feel Happy

Don’t know…

Worked on my cutouts last night. Yesterday at school got the background of the board put up, an assortment of, well, it’s green, light green with some darker greens for contrast in a canted pattern – angled to make the cork board look bigger. Today I’ll hopefully be able to put up a couple of images. Still have to make multicolored curves – curvaciousnesses – as a Philosophy major I love making up new vocabulary although I didn’t need to be a major to do that… been taking, or took Latin since 7th grade… oh…. I’m wandering. Anyway, making the rainbow is the least of my worries and will probably go up last after I get everything else in place. Fun!