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Sunday Is For Vampire But…

Myas: The Other Mistress Of The Dark

I watched two movies, horror it said, about boys who murder. One was 13 the other 9, and it was incredible what they could do. The Paperboy began with a murder but throughout the movie it was evident mom now deceased was the culprit. The horror was in his life and there was closure at the end – one of his intended victims survived and came back with the law before he murdered yet again. Mikey on the other hand was horror in it’s truest sense. The child murdered without provocation, without conscience, without soul and it was without end.  How could adults be so useless I couldn’t help but think. Un-intuitive, weaker than a child, so overwhelmed each stood still so he could harm them with an end that was no ending. Psychologists find him traumatized but stable just needing patience and love as he is placed with a…

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Sunday Morning Getting Down


August half done as I sip my cup
I imbibe with bourbon in the cappuccino
In my cup and Friday’s Post-Dispatch still on the table announcing the news
Unwilling to part with it
Rather not part with you
Aretha’s gone
All she’s done will live on but it hurts
It hurts
Not like when Kennedy was shot
A horror, devastation of a different kind
It hurts like a child reaching out to no arms there
Queen of souls
Our soul she sang held so many souls in her hand
We’ve lost something special, so precious and pure
A force of nature, a reckoning that’s for sure
Throws the fur on the floor singing her heart
Singing us
Rest in peace
No more pain
You lost the battle they say
You’ve won
See you on the next plane

motto:”Trouvez du plaisir dans la vie – la pure et simple sensation de vivre est une joie suffisante.”(Emily Dickinson) chaque fois que je m’éloigne des mots, je me tais le plus longtemps possible… de temps à autres, le silence m’encourage à contourner et à éviter les choses “non-essentielles” de la vie quotidienne… du coup, je […]

via quiétude profonde – deep calm…:-) — my virtual playground

quiétude profonde – deep calm…:-) — my virtual playground