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Last Three Days Of February

Winter’s back but so far no snow. Signs of the February times yesterday at 40º have dropped to “27 feeling like 14”. For the first time in five days at least my heat’s back on. I was told it might snow, of course I shoot for it waiting until Sunday night to really come down, but I haven’t found any indication through my weather update none of which changes ‘baby it’s cold outside’. An expresso this morning will be delightful as I inhale it’s fragrance contemplating what these last three days of February might bring.

Listen to that, the wind is howling around the building. Unless it dies down I don’t think we’ll be out for a walk this morning. Yes, my grandson is here, we’re having a sleepover.

Think I’ll get my slippers on, collect all my electronics, migrate to the dining room table, get a load of laundry started and make that espresso. Besides, I’ve got the laptop on one of those lap-desks and it keeps sliding away from me… holding it still with my arms while typing is becoming wearing… and making creases…





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I Hear Daylight Savings Time Begins Soon

Talking to Mom yesterday and found out we’ll be “springing ahead” sooner than we think – March 12th. Clocks will be turned ahead and we’ll lose an hour… and as always I forget if that makes it lighter sooner in the day or darker longer in the morning. Let’s see if I can go logically… right now it doesn’t get light until 7ish… so if we turn the clock ahead an hour I’d say ‘right now it doesn’t get light until 8ish’. Balderdash! Well, it’s 6:06 now and still dark. It doesn’t make the earth jump ahead an hour. I think the point had to do with farming and crops but I wouldn’t mind if we just let it be and stopped changing it.

Depending on your profession the good news is it’s Friday. And… my cell keeps lighting up as friends post photos, articles and thoughts. Need to check on my dragons too…





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Looks Like We May Not Get A Dead Of Winter As February Winds Down

Waiting for a new word document to open up, sitting feeling chilly – not a bad chilly being in the 50s outside and comfortable inside but like I could use a pair of slippers which I’m about to get. Woke a 2 – figured I’d do a couple of things to get drowsy again, possibly throw espresso into the mix. Wish I had half and half… I hate the way regular milk makes it taste (why at all you ask, just a crazy way I like my espresso) … prefer my fat milk instead. May that be the worst of my troubles on any given day. Now why do you supposed the spell check wants a question mark at the end of that… Guess I’ll tell it ignore then save though I don’t have a title yet so it can stop underlining it in green. Put on a wash too – think the rates are better this time of night, or morning more accurate. And I am felling tired… no, I’m feeling tired. Good time to stop. Think I’ll put my head down…

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Still February Of A New Year 2017

Up on and off all night but no ill effect. Weirdness though that a balloon in my grandson’s room popped for no reason I could detect and landed on his pillow. Glad I was sleeping there and not him. The sound woke me but still a good way to be tragically strangled by the ribbon so lesson learned here. Keep them tied away from the bed at night or better yet in another room. The only thing I can figure is it bumped against a push-pin head and that was it – a fluke more than anything else with lethal potential.

Another day begins and perhaps a mocha for me for a change. A plane flew by on the low side, something important going on or maneuvers for some reason. In any case usually it’s cars in the background.

Might be more of an interesting day than we bargained for.





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Sunday Is For Vampire – 2


On that note my grandson’s here

Hotel Transylvania 2 it’s clear

Won’t scare him away

His movie, why should it?

As we keep up tradition

Grandma’s thing that’s new

What makes it so right?

We’re in love with our monsters

And 70-degree winters

Can you believe it!

Heat hasn’t had to run the past couple days

Windows all open

The sun streams in

Now let me think this through

Abominable Christmas is next

Not just once a year

But a place in the heart…

Shhh it’s beginning

Dream Abominable Snowmen

Talk you can’t stay




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Goings On February 18, 17… 2017 And Trying Not To Blink


Sliding door blinds pulled back looking out onto the dark listening to the peace, well with the washer in the background… still, that’s joy for me. In fact it got quiet, not like when a child gets quiet there’s cause for concern but quiet that it’s time to put what’s washed in the dryer. Then that hum’ll be in the background. Already done with my first cappuccino, fragrant, warming, clicked on both fragrance warmers, need I say fragrant and warming scent filling the apartment, and the biggest plan I have for today is walking to the local grocery store to buy hot cocoa.

Oh, and resetting the font. Hang on…


Should I succumb to Cambria? Never!


Speaking of beware the silent child, one of my little guys in the infant room – the biggest one, it had to be – has taken to biting so when he gets quiet beware for real. Yesterday he got two of the four, in fact; with one he left a mark that warrants an incident report so I have to rethink what to do with him when I’m cleaning up after meals. It just isn’t safe to turn your back on him; the kids are sitting ducks if you do. I’ll have to keep him with me in one of those busy chairs with the different gadgets to occupy a child then when I’m done we can both go to the ‘bullpen’ (the play area for my boys) and at least I’ll be right there. He’ll grow out of it… hopefully sooner than later. It seems like only yesterday I could let them all play together watching as they figure out how to become a tiny community while getting some cleanup done, my only concern being “don’t bang your toy on the window” and “you’ll be fine, you’re ok”… Yeah, it was only the day before yesterday before all hell broke loose.


Doesn’t life change in a blink…




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Halfway Over: Feb 2017



Or is it halfway-full… halfway begun… halfway beginning, nah, sounds like we haven’t started yet, like the motor won’t kick over. Depending on what you’re looking forward to, halfway over could be a very good thing as the new year keeps ticking forward… something like that. It’s just too early to wax philosophical… yes, I woke before the alarm today. Still dark, very peaceful but my grandson is sleeping over so I know I’ll be finishing this up in the evening.

In any case I’ve been thinking that over all these years, being aware now there’s not much difference but, it’s amazing that 28 days makes it seem a short month though it’s only a matter of 2-3 days difference from all the others. Since I was a kid February was “the short month “as if a full week were missing and we’ll hurry up and be over with it which got us closer to summer vacation not having work to worry about. Actually it was closer to spring and Easter first, then the other but there couldn’t be any doubt it was a good time of transition. Not that we thought transition but it was change, the smell of spring and an excitement of changing weather in the air. Anyway, I don’t think I knew anyone who didn’t refer to it as short. It’s the same principle that made it annoying a month only had thirty days and not 31. Why were 31 days so important? I remember gown-ups saying “only 30 days this month”… only?

We’ve had a blend of winter and spring – cold at night, warmer during the day (around 40), while the east has had 10 inches of snow – I keep seeing pictures of nieces and nephews with mounds left behind by the plows – behind them literally as the backdrop – wearing snow gear and big smiles finding myself thinking “isn’t that melted yet…”? No, not yet. Seeing we’ve had some severe weather earlier than usual I’m wondering if we won’t get zapped again. If it’s going to happen it’ll be soon.

It better hurry up before we run out of February.


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Zen In The Business Section



My dragons miss me and they’re hungry, I can buy a dragon with gems but the other I need to win at an island yet there’s less than 12 hours left, I’m not getting the items that come with the gold I collect to add to what I need to get the other dragon for breeding… I mean, do you ever get tired of these cheap shots to force you, ok not force but to ‘hornswaggle’ let’s say, at the crucial moment this would be the option, to buy the items needed to complete a task. I use force you lightly, believe me, because I’m not paying cash for anything, I just keep playing and what I get I get, however I’ve always felt a move like this was a ‘cheap shot’ though I do perceive it with a certain amount of glee. It’s a game I downloaded for my grandson to play to keep him busy in a restaurant we were checking out, and I’ve kept it up for when he reads better and can really sink his teeth into it as it were. Nonetheless, one thing I have little patience for is lousy business and I have less patience for bullies. I’ll feed my dragons when I’ve collected the amount of gold I want to have on hand to grow food, not spending 19.99 on the best deal for getting food now… neither am I buying anything else for cash, spending 49.99 to own a rare dragon… are they nuts?! It’s a game, supposedly stress free. I mean… seriously?


Who comes up with this stuff anyway? I do come across enough of these expensive characters to wonder if people have actually spent that kind of cash or the system is throwing them out there in the name of marketing.


Be all this as it may, I’m at level 55, won all the leagues, yes I did it but there was no fanfare or super reward. What happens is they keep offering to let me continue to play league tournaments – helps me earn some of the stuff I need and meet new players. I’ve several dragons at level 30 and will eventually get a few of them up higher but you know, it costs a lot of gold to feed them…



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February Marches On



Nodding on and off through doing laundry with the Expendables saving us from bad guys in the background and the guy next door celebrating his birthday. Fresh from campus life visitors are a bit outspoken in the hallway, which is how I know, as music thud, thud, thuds bass through the walls. I don’t mind one way or the other as friends, I’m guessing, migrate to the balcony for a puff coming in a little clearer than otherwise muffled conversation when everyone’s inside. It doesn’t last long. Fifty years ago, over fifty years ago it was proven smoking is bad for you, all it does is kill you that began a crusade to put the tobacco industry out of business. No more Marlboro Man, no more Sir Walter Raleigh, no more walking a mile for a Camel – how could you anyway with your lungs being turned black – and no more free TV with excellent programming all sponsored by cigarette companies. Ads were removed from everywhere including magazines and billboards, TV left a lot to be desired, and pay TV began its ascent. Makes you wonder how many of these companies own cable TV. One way or another we’re going to be addicts and be drained financially.


Such sublime thought at midnight. I see the windows frosting over telling me the temperature is dropping and hot cocoa might just be in order while I see what’s going on with my dragons before I doze off again. With only a couple of hours to spare before Fairytale Island disappears, I don’t think it’s enough time to complete the journey to win the two-headed Hansel and Gretel dragon, but I can pick up gems and gold before it ends.