Day 17 And You Know The Rest


Back to the routine enjoying the early morning peace waiting for the pitter-patter of little feet. Definitely no ice today but upper 30s to 40 cloudy and drizzle. I’ll bring my raincoat. A little bit of coffee left in the pot from last night will hit the spot, I couldn’t resist with the half n’ half I bought for the first time in a while – my favorite, the perfect complement.


Still, very quiet. Let me see if I could stir that pitter-patter up.


There we go.



Day 16 Of A New Year


Well it was a no-brainer that I wasn’t going to get into a deep sleep. Dozing through movies, nodding playing a game on the iPad was the extent of it. Might as well get up and shower which I did. What now? Probably get back to the last video I dozed through, pick up at a scene and see how far I get. If nothing else I might just get another hour in.


The ice has subsided and plain rain with above freezing temperatures is forecast. I can stand above freezing. Fog’s in the immediate future thanks to these seesaw temp changes – warm/cold, warm/cold, warm/cold make up your mind – throughout the day. Don’t mind. I’ve nowhere to go, should I have a fit to get out I can walk. Let the other guys drive into each other if they insist. I think most have Monday off anyway. Hopefully we’ll all take the fog as seriously as we did the ice. No worries…


Cappuccino sounds good about now, that or hot cocoa, or my blanket and a remote. I remember from Logic or means one or the other not both… however let’s take a look. I could have a hot beverage and get comfortable with my blanket and of course have the remote close by for the obvious should I pick up where I left off with the video. You have no way of knowing the thing I’d stretch out on would make it very difficult for me to enjoy a hot drink without risking spilling it on myself or have to uncomfortably lean up to get a sip which renders that decision illogical although both actions are possible. In this case or is inclusive. So, or is just laying out choices for me to decide what to combine. The math on this one could definitely change.


A=A v AvB v C&D so what would I like? A v B, I don’t feel like making either of those, ~A v ~B & C & D. Been a long time since derivations et al. I always did think it was bunk for the most part anyway.


My goodness, so much talking for 3am.





Day 15 Of A New Year


Scratching my head over how to put an end table together, watching Bette Davis, freezing rain happen again, and beginning to feel like a mole from lack of sun. After all this, it will warm again…


Making more coffee…


The bread I made and let rise overnight has been baked and frozen except for a couple of rolls and part of a loaf. That’s enough of the ‘good bread’ to last me the week. Martin Luther King day tomorrow adds to the weekend.


I might just see if that thing can be put together without the drawer… and I waited until I finished what was on my mind before selecting Times New Roman as the default font… yet again. Does that mean I’m getting smarter? The spell check doesn’t like ‘let rise’ but prefers ‘let raise’. The thing is bread rises, you let it rise overnight, or all day, or for 2 hours; you don’t let it raise overnight. It’s cook talk. Raise the bread means to pick it up. Then what?

And so it goes.

Day 14 Of A New Year


Let there be ice, and there is. Just for fun I stepped out to see how bad… some places have salt and what doesn’t is a sheet, cars – the couple that went by – don’t seem to have a care but that was how 8 of them wound up in a ditch the last ice storm just up the street from my grandson’s school, so we won’t take their word for anything. One of my neighbors came out and was slipping around which shows you where tennis shoes will get you so he takes them off, smiles and says “this is the only way I can get across the ice” and slides on his socks while carrying the shoes.


Still, I know I haven’t seen it all just yet.




Days 12 & 13 Of A New Year

We’ve merited a day off thanks to the ice storm coming our way. I’ll get laundry done early and then tuck in for the duration. Monday is a holiday so it’ll be four days of storm warnings but whose to say. The sun might find its way through the clouds, and if I need something there’s a store close enough I can skate to… otherwise I’m enjoying the peace, and the time.

Day 11 Of A New Year


Crazy day today at 70 degrees! And what’s going to happen next? A two part storm that’s going to begin with ice, at least ¼ inch and move on to an “I’m going to bury you” snowstorm. Oh happy day. I suppose the temperature might drop a few…


I’ll have to say it was a real treat to have a chance to lie out and wake up the tan.