Steaming up the windows

Stick shift not in my way

Not this time

Cutting a slice of angel cake

Is one way to say it

How long has it been since those days

I dare not say or should I

Never enough room

Did we need it becoming one

Our eyes eating each other alive

Never mind any other move

No one else in the world

Except those who stood outside


Then that knock

On the window it came

We didn’t yet

Oops I was on the keys

Push them through a hairline crack

Feel a slight cool breeze


Feel a slight cool breath

Now leave us would you

Where were we…


Oh yes



What was I thinking

Before the ritual began?

Move the laptop

Fix the cord

Plug it in here

Get in position

Leave the movie on for a change

But how will I think without silence

A love story though it is I’m watching

Well ok, remember, when was it?

That night

No it was morning

Early A.M.

The dark morning before daylight began


I came to as the wind was blowing

Whipping around the house

The windows were open

I heard it

But I wanted to sleep


As it blew in past the curtains into my face

A perfect chill

I was awake

It woke me you see


You must understand now listen to me


I didn’t want to stir

The alarm had gone off and I wanted more sleep

Simple enough

Just this time

My choice

But the wind stirred instead


Beginning at the end of the house and whipping around rustling leaves

It burst through my window with such icy chill

Refreshing still

That my eyes snapped open

I sat up

Like a lover I thought, but whom?

It excited me


I changed position and sat in my chair to begin the chant

Recollect, calm, to see

Who could it be?

Who, whom, hmmm

I looked within deeply, so deeply

Blackness, peaceful darkness

Then like a feed it began to play

I was in a gym, a school gym clearly

He burst through a door

Yes, burst in wearing a ski mask


He stood behind me

Music began

Electrifying guitar

We danced

Close behind fully clothed

Pay no mind that he danced closer

I felt him so hard through his jeans

I was off my feet leaning back on his lap as he stood and danced

Somehow my body was caressed every inch

Up, down, around all while he stayed, stood behind


It felt good


With a start I opened my eyes

No music did I hear

No gym did I see

Only my tiny room and the curtains blowing

Daylight about to break

Who was he?

Who is he?

My body tingled

But his face I did not see

Unfinished Business



“She closed the book, placed it on the table and finally decided to walk through the door. There was no back deck and she fell face first in the mud. She awoke with a nudge… nudge… nudge. Standing over her was a T-Rex with long arms. He smiled. “My name is Rogue. Are you ok?” “Huh?” Stunned by the fall she slurred, “You talk… y-yh-yhoo talh… k.” Her eyes rolled back, her body went limp. She dreamt of falling in darkness.”



“How many times have I started off with this … I’ve lost count.” Liv sat back then pushed herself back from the table, just a bit. “How many times indeed. Huh…” Taking another sip of her coffee she looked at it, read it again, then thought of what she had to do. “Two Milano cookies, one slice of pizza in lieu of morning toast, my coffee and pomegranate juice with vitamins, all part of a nutritious breakfast. Need to shawer… shower… learn how to spell… go back to sleep. Can’t. Have to get ready. Ahhh, the sun.” She got up to look out the glass doors and saw the sun in one of those heavenly poses breaking through separating black storm clouds. Squinting she turned her head.


“Yeah. Think I’ll retire this opener. We all know by now she hit her head hard.”


Liv sat up with a start. She rubbed her head with a muddy hand. “What?” She freed her other from the mud with a ‘thwuck’. “Ohhh, argh…” The sun was setting. “How did I get here?”

Brain Process Or Getting Here From There



What a day! First there was the darkness of vampire slaying and doppleganging with the gentlest pretending to be a blood-sucking fiend for catching the bad girl to superheroes before the fact. He’s narcissistic he concurs and doesn’t play well with others but that was before he was a member of the team. I’ll have to watch that next I think so I can see how it all follows. I recalled our conversation yesterday about the man who created the characters, that old man who shows up in all the films. “Who is he”, I’d asked. “Mr. Comics” I was told. When I said how surprised I was to know you didn’t waste the time to suppress a large grin. What, everybody knows? Not then but they do now and so what I just found out? I thought of “A frush? What the fuck’s a frush Hitachi?”


The walk around the renovated park was wonderful. It’s all finished and kids were playing. I’ll stop by again.


I know! I’ll watch the revenge of those nerds instead!



Back By Popular Demand (Or One Person Asked)


The Sub


Years ago we thought

The Sub meant free class

At school


We followed no rules

And were rude

We justified being crude


This hasn’t changed over time

Who started it?

I wonder why


I’m sitting here now

Sub for the day

There’s not much to do


Legitimate free time

Wish I’d brought a book

Or a laptop


For the sake of feeding my mind

Guess there won’t be Sub abuse

Prove myself yet again

Though my co-instructor

Didn’t present me by name

The students know nothing to gain


Saw Kant written

On the board

Wished I’d kept a copy


The University undeserving

My prize

Checked terminology to stay on top


But I’ll have no need to reply

A monitor to police

The extent of my day


No Sub notes otherwise, just keep an eye

Make certain all students

Type away



Next time select slowly

No desperations to work

Duties won’t disappoint or surprise


At least the first block

Awarded me time

For Espresso and a soufflé


That wasn’t a bad way

To start off

A day


Last block

Didn’t need me

So I was sent away


More afternoon time to write

Take not a bad way to start off a day

Into a very good night



Rationalize Backwards To That Safe Place And Don’t Move




It’s sad I guess, no one wanted to talk

All too busy

Lack of truths hurts the heart

Even expected, so familiar this way

Heaviness weighs, hope sinks for a moment

But it’s resurrection day


To commemorate what

Let’s think

Brutality, murder, abandonment

How could you leave me this way?

But wait, that was past Friday

Why hear it today?


So I’m sitting here now

Heavy-hearted anyway

How soon before I’m told

Don’t bother anymore

Life with you is just too old

Don’t come around


New relationships enter in

Who invited them but


There’re others now

No history they hold

Easier to deny, easier to unfold

You never happened here

No memory to hold dear

It’s all your fault that life you shared


I was surprised too

I did my best and didn’t burden you

You found out later after the fact had gone


No turning back from this

A forward path anew

New life forever clear except to you

Never liked you anyway

Makes it easier to do

Though pain won’t go away


That’s mine

It finds a spot and stays

Dwell on me not or what they say


Find a place

A culture steeped in sin

The deadliest and true

Look away turn around back straight

Remove the stars, the bars

Not worthy of our ranks


Matriarch of the ranks these days

Kids have no respect



Social class rules

Financial class too

We’re finished now with you

Neatly placed right in the trash

Be free to be all that you are

It will not touch us this your scar


But you had a hand in this too

I came to you


Advice you gave now you deny

Laugh head thrown back, safe from afar

Stay close now life

Here I go and see us through

Step forward motion

Will have to do



“Whoa… that’s depressing. I don’t like the way this came out at all.” She who was named after a saint looked at the screen shaking her head. “Named after a saint or was it just a lottery I didn’t get named Barbara Ann because my cousin was born first.” Each side of the family had a different story, a different take on how it all happened. Having a husband was the norm. If you weren’t part of the norm it was whispered about but love ruled! No one was left out. In those days everyone was pregnant at once. It all was contingent on who went into labor first. The family was tight. Picture three to five pregnant women, Italian pregnant women getting together over cake and coffee discussing names, and at the same time standing as long as they could at the stove making sauce and meatballs. Was there ever a day with no spaghetti? Margaret Mary read everything over. “I’m digressing. What did I want to write? What brought this to mind? Let me start again. Hmmm, Margaret Mary… I’ll have to google her and find out if she was anything significant. Naming a kid after a saint invites a world of trouble before s/he even gets started, well, in my case she. I prefer the lottery theory. But I didn’t really want to write a dirge. Seemed like a good idea at the time…”


Good morning Sunday though indeed you rain

You’ll be warm enough that’s a plus

Need to go shopping

So wanted to walk

Wonder how it’ll turn out

With writing this morning a bust

She was reminded of something she’d heard on a radio station from long ago, “the officer stuck his gun in her chest and said ‘this is a bust’…” She’d busted out laughing, “yeah, no kidding” – gotta love 60’s humor.


“No, that’s not it either. Think. Well, I love doing this so no stressure… I like that, stressure… oh, so what. It’s fine the way it is. The heart wants what the heart wants.” She sat back and thought. “No one wants to admit they didn’t see something coming, or the advice they gave wasn’t helpful, or better yet a back was turned instead of help given. Guilt is a waste of time. Face it and pick up from now. Yeah. Love’s the best thing we’ve got. Think I’m ready for coffee.”


She grabbed a slice of cold pizza from the table and went into the kitchen.