With Sundays Off Soon Enough It’ll be O: Obituary


But If You Can’t Wait Until Then It Could Be N: Not Here


   I’d hoped you were still alive and had faked your death because I annoyed you in some way, and for a while you wanted a break. But, I looked up your obituary and found it’s true. You died suddenly. There was nothing anyone could do. Don’t you see, and in no way your fault, but I need you to talk to.


     I sit here with reality and want to cry but I hold back the sobs. To what avail will it do? To wail aloud and then what? I grab a tissue for my nose has begun, shall I say to weep too, in the spirit of poetic license to keep a flow for what I want to say that I don’t yet know.


   You really have passed, yes, this I knew. I had a dream like friends and family who feel loss do. You looked good in a white sweater, turtleneck, and white slacks, something you never wore. Now that’s a clue. Your kitchen was brilliant, dazzling brighter than the sun. You always kept it clean but not like this. We sat down for coffee as we’d so often done. You are happy and at peace. I knew this too.


     You were the only one to whom I could speak my heart. You knew what to say. No one else wants to listen. I give them a headache, get the brush-off and I’m asked to go away. Now I’m my own headache and at least the one person who doesn’t mind if I stay. Otherwise I ache from the loss of a friend as forever part of me you remain.


   I sit here alone, single coffee in hand. There’s nothing left except to wish for one moment more.


     A rustle from the stack of balloons in the corner, a pink one pops out and rolls along the floor. A sign from the heavens, are you here with me, or am I just insane? Do balloons settle? In any case, forever part of me you remain.








The Sea And Me



     As the sun sparkled on the water I rubbed more lotion on my skin and flipped sides. Lying on my back I kept the image vivid in mind. I nodded off, woke then checked the time. Sitting up I watched the tide play sparkling still as waves folded up then back, up then back. I imagined molten lead foaming from heat as the sun began to set. If I walked out would the sea still me? Make me part of its landscape permanently? I couldn’t imagine a happier ending to my day as I packed my things and walked away.










A woman will despair

Why doesn’t he know me?

The one who I love

I desire unconditionally

So passionately

But that’s the thing

He does know you

More than you can ever hope

He knows the song your synapses sing

And the fire they will bring

He could fulfill you more ways

As a diamond reflects

His refractions are limitless

Therein lies injustice

Driven, selfish, and vain

He knows just how to use them

That you don’t detect

You haven’t discovered yet

And now here you stand

Feeling without substance, without quality

Lost never to be found

Take heart yet lament

He knows you inside and out


I never took you as stupid

I’ve known all along

I’ve known since I met you

Your ability for pain

Substances comprising you

Of which no human should be made

What you know you’ll gain

From what you intend to do

Chin up, my dear one

I never doubted you, my friend

But woman has the burden

To see it through to the end

The path stretched ahead

To set you back on the curb

And walk away


Now what does your impeccable vanity

Have to say?





Less Than A Comedy Minute: SOCS


Not so much Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” but more MTV’s Half-Hour Comedy Hour is from whence this inspiration sprung, and a scene from one of my all-time favorite comedic sci-fi flicks circa 1985.


She Just Knowed They Shouldn’tah Goed.


Well she knew in her heart they shouldn’t’ve made a start together so sudden not thinking it through. “I just knowed” she blurted out, “I just knowed we shouldn’tah goed to Reno to get married like a couple of lovesick puppies.” Her new husband turned to her and looked deep in her eyes, ”I’ll have a talk with the boy, no need to despair and he’ll socialize with you sitting right there.” Then he turned and burst into his son’s room. “Come socialize right now with your new mother. We took the vow.” He slammed the door stomping back out but the boy climbed out the window, “Not going to happen, that’s a fact” and together with a six-pack he sat alone howling back at the moon.



{This week, the prompt is “I know this in my heart.” Write about something you just know – not necessarily a fact, but more a feeling.}






      I came home from shopping unlocking my door

The kiwis were tap dancing down on the floor

A football leapt so elegant in graceful pirouette

While oranges sat eating my chocolate bars

This is going too far, but wasn’t the half of it yet


   My shopping list pencil lunged straight in the air

Unlike what the football did right over there

And dove in the cat’s milk in the corner I swear

The cat wore a bonnet and a tattered silk dress

My kitchen, my kitchen was in such a mess

I started, I shouted, “What’s going on here!”

As a six-pack of cola sprayed foam in my ear

“I knew I should have put you away yesterday!”

And I gaped in dismay at the whole disarray


   “I’m going outside and then I’ll come back

You’d better be in your places, kiwis get on that rack

Or I’ll cut up fruit salad, hey oranges do you hear

And football I’ll let out all of your air, a flat pancake you’ll be

Would you like that, we’ll see

You’ll live outside forever”, I said to the cat

“I’ll fix all of your wagons, now just think of that”

And I walked out in a slam, heels tap, tap, tap, tap, tap!


   In bed I jumped up, heart pounding, “Could it be?”

As I crept down the stairs extra quietly to see

The state that my kitchen could possibly be

I pushed the door open so quiet and slow

As it creaked toward a twilight lit room

Where the cat slept curled up, the fruit basket was full

And the candy was all in the jar near the broom

The cola was stacked so neatly on the floor


   And I thought, “There’s no mess at least not anymore

Not dreaming, had a nightmare, don’t like them they’re worse”

I turned and I left but as I crept up the stairs

There was a stir and a rustle so slight

Kiwis giggled, an orange burped, the cat broke into a grin

As she tucked her silk dress neatly under her chin

The cola cans bubbled and a mouse with a squeak said

“Cool party, had a great time, see everybody next week.”