Could I?

“93, almost a century but it’s still me.” She stood facing herself in the mirror in her comfy sweats and over-sized shirt. “Always loved men’s flannels – like wearing soft protective arms.” Never had she known such arms yet she was still a believer.  “Ben’d said his most productive years were his 90s. It could still happen.”

She gave herself the once over, hair pure white now. “Take that Storm! Hmm, could I really wear that? I used to.”

Sweats and shirt dropped to the floor. On went the jeans and deep v’d blouse. “Hell yeah.” She grabbed her fringed Gucci bag and headed out.



The prompt this week is:

…could I really wear that …

It’s Not Smoke, It’s Fan-Shadow



Staring at the wall she could detect heat, those ripples it makes when it’s intense, but she couldn’t detect the source that should’ve been beneath it. Where was it coming from? She looked around the room. Illogical. The heat should have originated under the ripples. She looked at them again, pondering heat reflecting on the wall like shadows cast on the side of rock at a bonfire, then caught sight of the ceiling fan from the corner of her eye. The lights were turned down in the classroom for planning time, for peace, for pretending she wasn’t there; the shadow was thanks to the natural light coming through the window. Mystery solved she looked at the wall only impressed at how it still looked like heat ripples but when her attention was averted ever slightly it could clearly be seen the turning fan was casting a reflection, a shadow in motion.

Alright then.

Still Life

Teaching today, the 3rd floor for me

Organizing thoughts and assignments

But as I gaze out the window so absentmindedly I see the sea

And a ship floating

What kind of ship?

Immobile, stationary (not like what I’m writing on but in stillness)

My heart leaps “it can’t be!”

Only a trick my eyes played (are playing)

Lights to a stadium reaching the sky not quite touching the clouds

Rain clouds pass by

Framed by the trees

Back to reality

A ferry in a place no sea can be found


There goes the bell

Here ends thought provoking, profound


Twenty minutes later the bell rings again that homeroom will end

And students head on their way and so begin their day

I look out the window

What do I see?

Two posts, rows of floodlights staring back at me

Smog as a backdrop

Through the cold light of day



Brought Together From The Cuff

Well, I began at the bottom with the prompt then added a link. Seeing it’s a laptop different than what I normally use being in school waiting as my student participates in music class, I thought I’d try inserting media, the 100 Words for Grownups logo.

So far so good.

Because it’s a PC and not a Mac, I may have to count these words by hand if I can’t figure out how-to otherwise.

Unified, utilized, a union of words, beginning at the end speaking of which it may just be.




“the prompt this week is: